Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brush Strokes, Mono Prints and Book Cover Collage!

I managed to squeeze in some time to play along with Michelle Ward and the Crusaders on the latest Street Team Crusade titled Brush Effects. I always learn so much from Michelle and the crusaders, I highly reccomend the monthly activities as inspiration flows like a continuous fountain and Michelle constantly reminds us to take some time to PLAY!!!

Our challenge was to work with brush strokes to add depth and layering to our artwork, be it Journal pages, paintings ,collage. Michelle demonstrated how to achieve very distinct brush strokes by using an in between step- create a monoprint of the strokes and then apply the monoprint to the art project. BRILLIANT!!!!!

I found that I did not have the recommended sheet of acetate to create the monoprint, so I ended up using a recycled zip lock bag. It was plastic, relatively easy to manipulate and I could see through it. It fit the criteria and it is what I had so .... IT Worked!!!

So I did my brush strokes, bubble wrap printing, whatever on my plastic sheet and then printed that onto my projects. I did have some problems with the paint. It dried way too fast- either I was being too timid with the paint or I needed to add a bit of water. I managed to work it out- but I need to check back with Michelle to see what she uses in terms of amounts and viscocity of paint.

So here are the pieces prior to mono printing with brush strokes.

This is a book cover collage that is meant to become a Birthday collage for a friend. I added the red along the edges using a red stamp pad directly on the edges of the piece.
Here is the piece after I stamped with Metallic purple brush stroke monoprints from my Zip lock bag.

You can seethe very distinct brush markings with no gloopy starting points- LOVE IT!!!
Here is a second piece that I was working on. Before Monoprinted additions:

And After Monoprinted bubble wrap additions.

You can see that I added turquoise bubble wrap stampins- via the zip lock bag and then metallic gold punchinella stampings!! Got to Love the Layers!

I am very happy with this piece and I am so grateful to Michelle and the Crusaders for providing the perfect inspiration at the perfect time!!! HCIT?!?!


Judy said...

Wonderful! I'm going to have to go check out Michelle's work. I love your book covers!!!


Kim Mailhot said...

Wow wow !!! This is fantastic brush stroke play ! The two pieces are wonderful. I really love the colors you used as well.
Cheers, Crusader !

Talking Horses Arts said...

Cool stuff Elizabeth!! Love the bug thingies a lot too (previous post).
Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Sounds like great fun!

Anonymous said...

WOW These came out so great, Elizabeth! Love how you improvised with the baggie...and you're right...gotta love layers!

Margarita Korioth said...

Love your book covers!

michelle ward said...

Elizabeth - very fab! I love seeing the before and after. I can haer your enthusiasm for this little trick :) The plastic bag is very inventive. Because I always pour my paint on paper plates I've found that the back side of them are great for monoprinting too. We use what's within reach right? Thanks for sharing with the team!

Mescrap said...

Awesome !!!
Love your works so much.

Michelle said...

Love all these pieces!

Marlynn said...

These are GREAT! Love the baggie improv. Not sure if I would have thought of that or not! Thanks for sharing! Marlynn

jgr said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I love your book covers and your technique. Very creative to think of plastic bags!! I love texture you achieved and the beautiful, random quality of the monoprints.

Thank you for the inspiration!


Belle said...

Wow Elizabeth you have been very creative lately. loving these pieces they are very colourful.Never tried mono prints it looks like fun. Take care. Belinda

Barbara said...

beeeeeeeeeeeeUTEEEEFUL!!! WOW!!! miss you bunches!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

Wonderful work Elizabeth, love it all. You've been so busy creating, judging by your earlier posts.

Our Hands For Hope said...

This turned out great. How fun it is when we have time to play!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Your brush strokes are to dye for!!! (pun intended, sentiment sincere). Love what you did to the book cover, lots of wonderful images to look at... great job!

Regina said...

If the tool works, it's the right one!
I see you are using craft paints & they do dry very quickly, especially in thin layers. Check for a blending medium next time you're at the craft store. A little mixed into the paint will slow the drying time.
You can also spray a fine mist of water on your plastic after you've painted on it and/or spray a fine mist of water on the paper you are putting the monoprint on.
Looking forward to seeing what you make in the next crusade.


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