Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back from the Beach

We are back from the beach and trying to get reacclimated to life here in VA. Still plowing thru e-mails etc. I really enjoyed being totally "unplugged " for ten days! Now I am getting ready for a huge selection process of artists for shows for the Members Gallery at the Fredericksburg Center for the Arts. We had 43 submissions this year- double what we had last year. It is all very exciting but a ton of work. Fortunately, my wonderful dh, otherwise known as resident computer Guru, is helping me get the power point slide presentations put together for the jurors.
I will be back up for air, and a proper post, after Wednesday!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Many Projects Up In The Air!!!

It has been far too long since I have posted to my blog!! I have had so many things going on and lots of projects in various stages of done-ness. I only have a short bit of time as I have a big deadline ahead with company due to arrive and projects to finish before my lovely nieces arrive!!!
I am going to share a batch of pictures of projects with short descriptions and I will post longer discussions later. If you see something that you want to ask me about please do so!! I will answer any and all questions when I reply to your e-mails!! I hope that one and all are having a wonderful summer, winter so far!!!!

My brand new Business card!! I am very pleased with this version. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get this sort of thing to READ the way that you want it to! ( The picture is the front and the info is all on the back.)

On July 4th we were able to inhale our very first garden fresh tomatoes!!! It was a long winter without decent tomatoes!!!
My red Day Lilies look like burgundy velvet and they are blooming like this in the shade!!

This is a new cuff that I have just finished. I will be submitting it to a Call For Art with the theme of Texture and Pattern.

My youngest niece Kate loves to cook and always asks for relatives favorite recipes. She loves to spend time helping me in the kitchen whenever they visit. I amde this cookbook for her to serve as a place to collect all of her favorite recipes. I took a vintage Better Homes and Gardens Binder style book and recovered it. I used the same dividers from the original book and collaged over the text with images form other vintage cook books. Kate was thrilled with it.

Here you can see the dividers.

I took plain page protectors and stitched them smaller and then stitched on a fabric strip to cover the trimmed edge of the divider.

For Mali, my eldest niece I created this shoulder bag. I was very inspired by Pat Winter and her Bo-Ho Bags that she has been creating. Pat does lots of layering of textile trims and then does a vintage crazy quilt look on the front flap. Mali is not a vintage fabrics girl so I did a more modern take on Crazy Quilting and used some of my own hand dyed fabric and made some of my raggedy roses for embellishing. i am really thrilled with the result and so was Mali!!

Becca and I are off for our All Girls Road Trip to Cape Cod tomorrow . We will be back in 10 days. I am planning on taking my computer so I will try to check in between beach time and time spent with friends!!!
I will get back to my regular posting schedule when we get back!!


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