Friday, August 31, 2007

Fabric Arch Pages

I created this series of pages for a swap for my local art group. The task was to create arch shaped pages using fabrics. Six other artists are particapating in this swap, so a book will be the end product, eventually......

The background is Fabric/Paper. This consists of a collage of old book pages, napkin tops and painted paper towel fused to muslin using PVA glue. The purple Fleur de Lis is embossed on felt and then the felt was melted and burned using a heat tool. The felt piece was attached to the background with gold seed beads. The bottom embellishments were created by layering a piece of old text with a fragment of old text, a piece of fabric/paper and a snippet of trim. held together with beads.

The backs are finished with some vintage gold trim attached with metallic beads.

The top embellisment was created from an original mold made from a vintage button. I used polymer clay, painted with acrylics and highlighted with Mica powders.

Bucram was inserted between the front and back layers of the page and the whole sandwich is held together with machine stitching.

I can't wait to see what the other group members have created for this swap!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Future Art Quilts!!!

Our "Girls Only" road trip was wonderful for Becca and I in so many ways. We spent lots and lots of time together (especially in stop and go traffic on the Jersey Turnpike), we learned to love listening to books on tape- Harry Potter 2, we went to the beach every single day, we enjooyed visiting our family and friends and we collected lots of treasures for future art projects. We never left the house without a "collection bag" or my camera.
I have taken a bunch of pictures that I have put in a sub-category of Future Art Projects.
They may become art quilts or book pages or appear in assemblages or just be used as is as photos. No matter what, they serve as great memories.

This one would make a great art quilt.

Drip Castle Queen on Cape Cod BAy.
Evening critter hunt.
How many Hermit crabs can I find?

Hermit Crab release after sunset over Cape Cod Bay.
Drip castle creation at Nauset Beach ( Atlantic ocean side).

Catching a wave with drip castle ramparts in the fore ground.


I call this shot "Surfer Chicks". The surf was pretty good that day, good enough to get a bunch of surfers to gather beyond the sand bar. These little chicks were trying their best to catch a wave and join the fun! This picture just makes me laugh, especially when I look at the poses. They were just beyond the lick of the incoming waves- or so they thought!

Wipeout! Screams and Panic!! Thank goodness for boogie board tethers!!!!

Boogie Boards at the ready! I love the colors!!

The summer of the Blackberry at Mom's. The best and the biggest where at the top, center of the patch. I hope that the birds are enjoying them!! We picked everyday and covered our cereal bowls with berries. Even the family dog Sophie, would pick and eat whenever we were outside! I have never seen a dog pick berries from a serious bramble bush and eat the berries to her hearts content. Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of that!!

Matisse in the window. Definately a future art piece!

Now all I have to do is focus, organize and produce all of these projects and art pieces that I have running around in my head and scribbled in my journals!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back in the Groove!!

I have a deadline to meet, so I have had to jump right back into my art mess! My work space is not as neat as I wanted it to be, but then I think that neat is under rated. Seriously, I work best when I have 5-6 projects going at once so when the inspiration leaves ,or the paint needs to dry on one project, I can move on to the next project. I just push things aside, make space and keep going! I think that this is how I manage to crank things out so quickly. Friends have often asked how I do it all, and I think that I have just stumbled on the answer to that question!

There is a call for art from a nice gallery not far from my home. They are looking for "smallish" items for their Christmas sale. I have till Friday to submit pictures and discussion for any items that I would like to have considered.
Today, I completed some paper that I had begun last week. It was collaged and layered with old book pages and torn papers and then paint scrapped with acrylic paints. I will apply several layers of sealer , for durability , and use it for the signature covers for journals. I am planing on hand stitching the books and adding treasure pockets and a decorative element to the front. All of the items are to have a nature theme- not a problem for me!!

There is a bit of glare from the flash, as I used several metallic paints.

I have also decided that an old credit card is my favorite paint applicator!!!

These sheets will be cut up (sob) and used to make some journals. I will post pictures of the finished products!

On a diferent topic, I have set up a neat little display for some wonderful art Quilts that I have received from some recent art swaps. While on my trip to Cape Cod, my Mom gave me some old hangers that she had come across. I am thrilled with them and I would dearly love to find some more! I am looking for old ones with clips on the ends especially those used for children' s clothing. Using one hanger aI am able to display three Quilts and as I am running out of wall space, this works really well for me!!

I have also found several really neat old spice racks at our local Goodwill. This one has wonderful turned wood rails and I only paid three dollars for it!! I just love repurposing old stuff!!

The hanger is neat but the artwork taht I have been so lucky to recieve from my wonderful art friends really stals the show!! Now I can see it everytime that I waalk into my art space!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Back From the Beach!

We are back, safe and sound! Becca (my 10year old daughter ) and I had a wonderful trip together! On our journey north, we listened to the second Harry Potter book , as read by Jim Dale. what a treat- we thoroughly enjoyed it!! It was a long drive but it was worth it!

We arrived in Orleans Mass on Sunday the 12th, dropped our gear and took off for the beach! There was no stopping Becca, not even the 60 degree water temps or the seaweed in the water! She is definately the family Water Rat!!! Perhaps Cod Fish would be a more appropriate name, or mermaid.
The yard Sale Boogie Board that I managed to snag, back in April, was one of the best $2 investments that I have ever made!!
Pure Joy!! It seemed that the ride was not complete nor worthy of a thumbs up if not accompanied by a rousing WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!
A little bit of sand and seaweed makes the experience complete!!!
I got wet up to my waiste but when the feet are numb, walking becomes difficult!! I managed to collect 'Boxes Of Rocks", beautiful ttumbled pebbles of white quartz, agates and granite. I also found at least two pieces of real sea glass during each trip to the beach- we went daily!!!
I have more pictures to share in my next post. I will also be sharing some new artwork soon. I am off to run errands and take photos of some new creations to be posted on ElizaJean.Etsy!
Back soon!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Projects

I have been quite busy lately and I have not been able to get to the computer with time to post ! I have been finishing up lots of projects and preparing for a trip to Cape Cod for a bit of a vacation. Becca and I will be road tripping together and we are very excited about our adventure. I will post again when we return!
For now, here are a few of the projects that I have finished up.

You have seen some of my Mothies before, I know. These were made for a Christams swap on one of my art groups. They are only about 6 inches tall. Their wings are made of painted Tyvek and their bodies are covered with old lace, cheesecloth, tinsel, beads and angora yarns. Here are two more.

It is hard to see the lace details in these pictures. They are beautiful little frothy confections of white. They are really adorable , if I do say so myself!!!

This next piece was created as a gift for a special person. She was so taken with my charm necklace that was created from charms from a swap ( see old post) that I created a special necklace jsut for her.

I hope that she enjoys her Birthday present!!

Got to run and finsih up a few more projects and start to pack for my trip!

Happy creating and Happy Trails to all! I'll post again at the end of August. TA for now!


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