Friday, November 30, 2012

Cobweb Felting

Despite what you may be thinking , I am not trying to felt cobwebs from my stairwells, although the supplies are available!! HA HA!!  I am taking on a  new felting technique that results in sheer wool felted fabric that resembles the airy-ness and looseness of a cobweb.  I found a wonderful technique video on Youtube- don't you just love Youtube for techniques???  THE BEST!!!!  Anyway the video was about Cobweb felting and it was done by Carolyn Greenwood of Greenwood Fiber Works.  This video led me to her ETSY site and her fabulous roving for felting and spinning!!!  So I HAD to shop, right?  Of course I did!!!!

 This is what arrived in the mail 3 days later- all the way from Utah!!  This pile is actually three hanks of merino roving at 4 ozs per hank in three different color ways!

Now for the process- the layout:

 This part took quite awhile but it is the most important step!!

 The finished layout of the wool, only about half of the length- I wanted a long scarf. There is nothing so frustrating as a scarf that is just a bit too short!!!

This is the width of the scarf next to the roving as it arrived int he braid.  It is really amazing that there is so much fiber packed into that roll, and I could have stretched the fiber out much more loosely, but since this was my first go with this technique, I erred on the side of a bit thicker cobweb!

Next was the usual wetting out with soapy water, patting and rubbing of the fibers and then the inevitable rolling between sheets of shelf liner and plastic all wound round a pool noodle.  Then after throwing and cutting fringe and felting the dreadlocks ( the fringe), this was the result!!!  I am just a bit thrilled and excited!!

Now all it needs is a good steam press and a special someone to wear it!!This scarf is so soft and lightweight!  I used approximately 1.5 oz of the roving so it weighs literally almost nothing and the warmth is incredible.  I see several more of these scarves in my very near future.  I will definitely become a regular customer of Greenwood Fiber Works!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Gone way too long.........

It has been a very hectic and crazy fall and the blogging has definitely suffered!!  To keep this short and very visual I am going to give you a picture review of some of the things that have been keeping me busy since my last post!!!

Stitching journals with my own sun prints and creating Art Quilts.

Creating some fun textile necklaces with my fabric/paper/resin beads for sale at Artful Dimensions Gallery.

Managed to squeeze in a trip to Cape Cod to visit my Mom over a long weekend in October.  I even managed to catch a glorious sunset at Rock Harbor in Orleans, MA.

Got some shots of some sea gulls hunkering down for some blustery weather!!

We took a wonderful little drive to a friends organic sheep and veg farm!!

Once back in VA, I have taught several classes, Collage Jewelry classes have been very popular.

I took part in Fredericksburg VA, first experiment with Yarn Bombing!  Hopefully more events will be coming this summer!!

I was very involved in the Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama !! Becca and I were able to get VIP tickets to go to a Rally featuring our wonderful First Lady, Michelle Obama!!  What a thrill that was!!! She is such an amazing woman, incredible Ambassador for our Country, a wonderful Mother and an amazing speaker!!

Unfortunately we could not get close enough to shake her hand or to give her a hug.

Becca and I had a wonderfully inspiring time with all sorts of like minded Democrats and Obama supporters!!

Election night was so very exciting as our candidates,  President Obama and Senator Tim Kaine, easily won their respective political races!!!! I spent many hours working the phones and knocking on doors to make sure that Virginia came out in the Democrats column. Such a relief!!

Buddy and I spent several hours sewing and getting things organized in the sewing room .  I have been making finger-less gloves using cashmere and wool sweaters that I have recovered and re purposed after felting the sweaters in the washing machine.

This group of my gloves have already been sold but I have just listed several new pairs in my Etsy shop.  You can take a peek here.

I created some collaged fabric with silk fibers, silk fabrics, wool fibers and recycled cashmere sweaters to create this swing vest.  After needle felting , lots of free motion embroidery and then wet felting, this garment is now available for purchase at Artful Dimensions Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA.

Creating this piece was a wonderful adventure and I plan to work on many more garments in the near future.

So that is a quick wrap up of what I have been doing with some of my time!  I promise not to ignore my blog and my wonderful followers for such a long period again!! I have missed you all!  I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Fall and Thanksgiving , Spring if you are among my Down Under buddies!! 



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