Friday, November 30, 2012

Cobweb Felting

Despite what you may be thinking , I am not trying to felt cobwebs from my stairwells, although the supplies are available!! HA HA!!  I am taking on a  new felting technique that results in sheer wool felted fabric that resembles the airy-ness and looseness of a cobweb.  I found a wonderful technique video on Youtube- don't you just love Youtube for techniques???  THE BEST!!!!  Anyway the video was about Cobweb felting and it was done by Carolyn Greenwood of Greenwood Fiber Works.  This video led me to her ETSY site and her fabulous roving for felting and spinning!!!  So I HAD to shop, right?  Of course I did!!!!

 This is what arrived in the mail 3 days later- all the way from Utah!!  This pile is actually three hanks of merino roving at 4 ozs per hank in three different color ways!

Now for the process- the layout:

 This part took quite awhile but it is the most important step!!

 The finished layout of the wool, only about half of the length- I wanted a long scarf. There is nothing so frustrating as a scarf that is just a bit too short!!!

This is the width of the scarf next to the roving as it arrived int he braid.  It is really amazing that there is so much fiber packed into that roll, and I could have stretched the fiber out much more loosely, but since this was my first go with this technique, I erred on the side of a bit thicker cobweb!

Next was the usual wetting out with soapy water, patting and rubbing of the fibers and then the inevitable rolling between sheets of shelf liner and plastic all wound round a pool noodle.  Then after throwing and cutting fringe and felting the dreadlocks ( the fringe), this was the result!!!  I am just a bit thrilled and excited!!

Now all it needs is a good steam press and a special someone to wear it!!This scarf is so soft and lightweight!  I used approximately 1.5 oz of the roving so it weighs literally almost nothing and the warmth is incredible.  I see several more of these scarves in my very near future.  I will definitely become a regular customer of Greenwood Fiber Works!!


Kristi Bowman said...


PeggyR said...

OH I love what you did!

vivian said...

hi Elizabeth! thanks for stopping by. i miss being in the 12 days of christmas swap too. but I just was afraid to take on another thing!I still have another bear order for 6 more bears then I have some gifts to work on. I'll have to check in with you girls to see what everyone makes! have fun!

vivian said...

oh.. I forgot to say how much I LOVE that scarf! its amazing!

Gill said...

Fabulous! I love the colours!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

You're so smart to take pictures for show and tell! It is so fun to see the process. And the end result...fabulous, Darling!

Saturday Sequins said...

Ohhh, pretty scarf! I bet it's snuggly and warm.

I'm going to check out Greenwood Fiberworks now. I love working with felt, but craft felt isn't all that nice, and I'd love to do my own felting. :)

Jacky said...

Elizabeth this is gorgeous...would love to have a go at one of these for next winter.
Your colours are beautiful and I'm sure the recipient will loooooove it! I hope you're going to make one for yourself too!

Thanks for sharing.

Jacky xox

Anna M. Branner said...

This is gorgeous! I hope this or at the very least others will be shown at AD? Would love to feel and see them. :) (I think I have a bowl per your request....)

Carolyn said...

Thank you for showing how you felting with the Merino. You did a fantastic job and the scarf is just stunning!


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