Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Future Art Quilts!!!

Our "Girls Only" road trip was wonderful for Becca and I in so many ways. We spent lots and lots of time together (especially in stop and go traffic on the Jersey Turnpike), we learned to love listening to books on tape- Harry Potter 2, we went to the beach every single day, we enjooyed visiting our family and friends and we collected lots of treasures for future art projects. We never left the house without a "collection bag" or my camera.
I have taken a bunch of pictures that I have put in a sub-category of Future Art Projects.
They may become art quilts or book pages or appear in assemblages or just be used as is as photos. No matter what, they serve as great memories.

This one would make a great art quilt.

Drip Castle Queen on Cape Cod BAy.
Evening critter hunt.
How many Hermit crabs can I find?

Hermit Crab release after sunset over Cape Cod Bay.
Drip castle creation at Nauset Beach ( Atlantic ocean side).

Catching a wave with drip castle ramparts in the fore ground.


I call this shot "Surfer Chicks". The surf was pretty good that day, good enough to get a bunch of surfers to gather beyond the sand bar. These little chicks were trying their best to catch a wave and join the fun! This picture just makes me laugh, especially when I look at the poses. They were just beyond the lick of the incoming waves- or so they thought!

Wipeout! Screams and Panic!! Thank goodness for boogie board tethers!!!!

Boogie Boards at the ready! I love the colors!!

The summer of the Blackberry at Mom's. The best and the biggest where at the top, center of the patch. I hope that the birds are enjoying them!! We picked everyday and covered our cereal bowls with berries. Even the family dog Sophie, would pick and eat whenever we were outside! I have never seen a dog pick berries from a serious bramble bush and eat the berries to her hearts content. Unfortunately, I missed getting a picture of that!!

Matisse in the window. Definately a future art piece!

Now all I have to do is focus, organize and produce all of these projects and art pieces that I have running around in my head and scribbled in my journals!!!

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Alis said...

Great photos. The umbrella's are fantstic.


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