Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back in the Groove!!

I have a deadline to meet, so I have had to jump right back into my art mess! My work space is not as neat as I wanted it to be, but then I think that neat is under rated. Seriously, I work best when I have 5-6 projects going at once so when the inspiration leaves ,or the paint needs to dry on one project, I can move on to the next project. I just push things aside, make space and keep going! I think that this is how I manage to crank things out so quickly. Friends have often asked how I do it all, and I think that I have just stumbled on the answer to that question!

There is a call for art from a nice gallery not far from my home. They are looking for "smallish" items for their Christmas sale. I have till Friday to submit pictures and discussion for any items that I would like to have considered.
Today, I completed some paper that I had begun last week. It was collaged and layered with old book pages and torn papers and then paint scrapped with acrylic paints. I will apply several layers of sealer , for durability , and use it for the signature covers for journals. I am planing on hand stitching the books and adding treasure pockets and a decorative element to the front. All of the items are to have a nature theme- not a problem for me!!

There is a bit of glare from the flash, as I used several metallic paints.

I have also decided that an old credit card is my favorite paint applicator!!!

These sheets will be cut up (sob) and used to make some journals. I will post pictures of the finished products!

On a diferent topic, I have set up a neat little display for some wonderful art Quilts that I have received from some recent art swaps. While on my trip to Cape Cod, my Mom gave me some old hangers that she had come across. I am thrilled with them and I would dearly love to find some more! I am looking for old ones with clips on the ends especially those used for children' s clothing. Using one hanger aI am able to display three Quilts and as I am running out of wall space, this works really well for me!!

I have also found several really neat old spice racks at our local Goodwill. This one has wonderful turned wood rails and I only paid three dollars for it!! I just love repurposing old stuff!!

The hanger is neat but the artwork taht I have been so lucky to recieve from my wonderful art friends really stals the show!! Now I can see it everytime that I waalk into my art space!!!

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Ruth Rae said...

I love how you displayed your quilts!
a craft fair how fun!
I have desided to do one as well... its in November... I am freaking out thinking what have I gotten myself into!

dear, I have your earrings... I have just been wild busy with my book but I am trying to return to the land of the living now, please send me your address so I can get them out to you :)


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