Friday, August 24, 2007

Back From the Beach!

We are back, safe and sound! Becca (my 10year old daughter ) and I had a wonderful trip together! On our journey north, we listened to the second Harry Potter book , as read by Jim Dale. what a treat- we thoroughly enjoyed it!! It was a long drive but it was worth it!

We arrived in Orleans Mass on Sunday the 12th, dropped our gear and took off for the beach! There was no stopping Becca, not even the 60 degree water temps or the seaweed in the water! She is definately the family Water Rat!!! Perhaps Cod Fish would be a more appropriate name, or mermaid.
The yard Sale Boogie Board that I managed to snag, back in April, was one of the best $2 investments that I have ever made!!
Pure Joy!! It seemed that the ride was not complete nor worthy of a thumbs up if not accompanied by a rousing WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!
A little bit of sand and seaweed makes the experience complete!!!
I got wet up to my waiste but when the feet are numb, walking becomes difficult!! I managed to collect 'Boxes Of Rocks", beautiful ttumbled pebbles of white quartz, agates and granite. I also found at least two pieces of real sea glass during each trip to the beach- we went daily!!!
I have more pictures to share in my next post. I will also be sharing some new artwork soon. I am off to run errands and take photos of some new creations to be posted on ElizaJean.Etsy!
Back soon!

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Arty Lady's blog said...

Great to see you back, I've missed your creations


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