Friday, August 31, 2007

Fabric Arch Pages

I created this series of pages for a swap for my local art group. The task was to create arch shaped pages using fabrics. Six other artists are particapating in this swap, so a book will be the end product, eventually......

The background is Fabric/Paper. This consists of a collage of old book pages, napkin tops and painted paper towel fused to muslin using PVA glue. The purple Fleur de Lis is embossed on felt and then the felt was melted and burned using a heat tool. The felt piece was attached to the background with gold seed beads. The bottom embellishments were created by layering a piece of old text with a fragment of old text, a piece of fabric/paper and a snippet of trim. held together with beads.

The backs are finished with some vintage gold trim attached with metallic beads.

The top embellisment was created from an original mold made from a vintage button. I used polymer clay, painted with acrylics and highlighted with Mica powders.

Bucram was inserted between the front and back layers of the page and the whole sandwich is held together with machine stitching.

I can't wait to see what the other group members have created for this swap!!


Scrappy Cat said...

Gorgeous pages Elizabeth - you put so much time and effort into your swaps! I hope you get pages as nice as yours back.


Hannah Katarski said...

These are just so gorgeous! I love the shape. I think I will suggest a swap like this for one of my groups. Love your mixed media approach.


Jo Wholohan said...

Fabulous Elizabeth!!!! I adore that fabric (??) on the back also!!!

Dianne said...

These are gorgeous!! Love the button!

Laura Krasinski said...

I love these arches... and in fabric they are so kewl!!!


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