Monday, September 3, 2007

Wings to Help Her To Soar!

I have been waiting and waiting for the last little bit of inspiration to hit so I could go ahead and finish up this very important project. How many of us have projects sitting in piles or bins or taking up table space or stacked on the floor, just patiently waiting for that precious last little bit of finishing inspiration. ( I envision a vast sea of hands!!!!)
Anyway back to my project!! I have been working on a special Wing DIng for my dear friend Mo. She has her last Chemo treatment this week I think and she is doing very well, or as well as one could possibly hope when one is being assaulted by all sorts of poisons. I wanted her to have a very specail piece of my srt to help her celebrate this event and for her to know that I have had her in my minds eye for every step of her journey!

Mo loves birds and I love birds, but this one had to be special! i found these tiny little decorative tart tins at a Thrift store and I thought that they would be perfect for a bird body. i must keep my eyes open for more of them as I am thrilled with the way she turned out. Her wings are copper flashing that I cut out and dry embossed with an old pencil and then heated over a flame. Her legs are typewriter parts. i made the little nest, under the button heart , out of honeysuckle vine and yarn and a few tiny twigs. The phrase says, Love is the 'open sesame' that lets in beauty and gvies us eyes to see!

Mo has a big project to work on now that she is getting past her treatment. She is planning on starting a Cancer Resource Center for Women with cancer. When she was diagnosed she found a real lack of info, for women in her area. She is planning on incorporating Art Therapy and Journaling classes eventually. There is a real need for this sort of thing and I know that it will be a huge success. In many ways, her cancer has given Mo her wings! iI am planning on doing anything that I can to help her get things going, ene if it is just spreading the word for her!!

I will keep everyone up to date on how things are going!

This Wing Ding will be flying off to her in the morning, with lots of love and best wishes and gratitude for the friendship and support that she has given to me!!

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Arty Lady's blog said...

Your bird is gorgeous, I'm sure Mo will love it.
Keep creating, you're inspiring.


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