Monday, November 20, 2006

Brand new Dolls

These glamour girls were just completed this morning! I popped them in a box with their two sisters (see previous post) and took them off to visit my new friends Vickie and Jan . These two sisters have just opened a wonderful Bead store right around the corner from my home. The store's name is The Whistle Stop Bead Shop. They are just getting started but classes are up and running and they would like me to teach for them. (So very exciting!) The gals were very taken with the dolls and Jan bought one outright( at a price that I never thought possible but that she insisted on paying!!) They want me to come up with an Art Doll Class for January and they want sample dolls to display. They also want to purchase some of my handpainted fabric beads to sell in their shop!!
TAFN, I have to go put together more Dolls heads!!!


Lynn R said...

What a wonderful picture of Poppy and great book choice for Becca. i love the new way of sharing such spunky and creative new art, and I look forward to seeing that great art space in person.
You go, girl. Lynn R

Jennifer said...

These are great! The little resistors are so funny, they create such a great effect... and that squished ring was an amazing find.

It's always so hard determining a price for art things... I've fought that internal battle a couple of times myself. It seems like we both have a bit of a tendency to sell for less when people are willing to pay more... At the VA gov school for the arts, I got a little bit of perspective; a friend was being paid upwards of two hundred dollars for portrait drawings. We were astonished, it seemed so expensive. So, now I'm always very sensitive to the prices of things... I don't want to sell myself short, really.

Those dolls are so cute/creative, I think they deserve to sell for as much as she offered to pay you.

Great stuff!


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