Friday, January 26, 2007

Play time with Paint!!

After finishing my Panda Black and White witha Splash of Lime work in the altered book, I had a pile of scraps of paper left over. I am trying very hard to cut down on clutter (ok, I hear y'all laughing) So instead of stuffing the scrps in a drawer I glued them all down on a piece of sketch paper.
Next I put several colors of acrylic paint down on a meat tray (my favorite pallette) and picked up some of each color on a credit card. Then I scraped the card with paint over the collaged black and white papers.
And here is a second sheet that I did in exactly the same way. Once you start with this technique, it is hard to stop so it is best to have lots of paper at the ready!!

The papers that I used included old sheet music, pages from an old french dictionary, the insides of security envelopes and the bar codes from luggage tags from air travel.

Next I was off to paint some fabric!

I am prepping to make several small beaded Goddess dolls as samples for a class that I will be teaching. I wanted to paint the fabric as the first dolls that we will make in the class will not be entirely encrusted with beads. So I painted some fabric so wherever the bads were not placed there would be some color interest.

First I placed my muslin down on a sheet of freezer paper and wet it down with water. Then using a medium sized paintbrush, I put on lumiere paints in different colors. (I am addicted to Lumieres, but regular metallic acrylics in the little bottles would also work very well for this same effect.) I spattered on some Blue Pearl paint as a last painting step. By this time the fabric was well stuck to the freezer paper. It did not take much paint as the water really moved evrything around quite well and I did not want the fabric to be stiff in the end.

Next I took a handful of Kosher salt and sprinkled it over the wet painted fabric and left the whole thing to dry overnight. Here are the results!!

I peeled the fabric off of the freezer paper and flipped it over and this is what I found!!

Sorry about the glare. I am equally thrilled with the wrong side of this piece!! The shineyness is caused by the sticking to the freezer paper but that is really not too aparent in person. This side has much more of the watercolor wash effect. This will work out very well as the background for my Goddess dolls! Yes, I will post pictures of her when I finish her!!

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