Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February Colors 4x4 pages

Today, I am home with a sick little girl. I am afraid that it is the flu! SIGH!!!! Lucky for us , she is not one of those kids that runs scarey high fevers!! She is happily parked in front of a movie and I have been creating, of course. There is laundry to be folded and dusting to do and I could try to find the red carpet under the dog hair, but what the heck, it is much more fun to create!!!

I am working on getting these 4x4 pages in the mail for a swap. They are due at the end of February. Now they are done and I am quite happy with them!

I made the background for these [pages using my latest favorite technique. I collaged pages from old books and some old sheet music and then scraped on several layers of red and pink paint. I let the paintdry between each color change. I love the way that the edges of the different papers absorbs the paint. The last paint that I used was Pink Pearl by Lumiere, as I wanted to get that pearly luster as a last touch. When all the paint was dry I added bits of Hershey's Kiss wrappers from Valentines day, for even more sparkle and shine! Then i cut out the 4x4 squares from the big sheet, added the quote that had been inked with warm red and feed the silk ribbon thru the holes.
Below is a close up shot so you can read the quote!

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MargaretR said...

These 4x4 squares are lovely.


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