Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Latest, Greatest Technique!

I have had more fun making these papers! This technique is amazingly freeing and unpredictable, probably the reasons why I like it so much. I have made sheets of paper that have been embellished with an overlapping layer of test pages from a large number of sources. Then, depending on a certain theme or on a whim, I have applied acrylic paint and moved it around and scraped it off with an old credit card. Some times I have used many different colors, applying one at a time. Lately though, I have worked within color families, again working with one shade at a time with drying time in between applications. I painted two of these sheets today and I have specific projects in mind for their use.

I used 5 different blue paints on this sheet, including one metallic, hence the glare! I will be using this as a background for a spread in Cobalt Blue Altered Book.

This golden orangs sheet will be used to make sunflower petals for another Altered book spread. I used 8 different paints here. Oranges, yellows, a red, a copper metallic and a gold.

This blue sheet was used for background for some stamped letters in a project that I will be posting very soon. This scrapping was done on 140 lb watercolor paper with no collaged text applied prior to painting. I laid it down on the orange sheet just for the gorgeous contrast!!

This green sheet was made usingtext from an old Herbal recipe book and an ancient Horticultural dictionary. I found both books in the leftovers of a Library used book sale. Trash to most become my treasures!! I used 5 differnt greens and a turquiose metallic on this sheet. It will be used for the background of another Altered Book spread that I have in the works. Currently, I have three altered book spreads to work on!! Yikes!!!!

I did this pink, purple and red sheet because I felt like working with these colors. I don't have any plans for it yet but it will certainly be used for something!! As the last step on this sheet I used a piece of sequin waste to stencil the star shapes on with pink metallic paint. It gives the piece lots of sparkle!

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MargaretR said...

Lovely papers. I have been playing around with just those colours recently too. I look forward to seeing the finished articles.


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