Friday, February 2, 2007

Winter is HERE!!!

In case anyone out there is wondering, winter has arrived in Virginia! Today is a raw cold day, the damp cold that goes right to your bones. On Monday the temperature is not supposed to get above the mid twenties!!!

The dogs don't like the cold much. Pepper is oblivious for about 5 minutes and then she wants in. Buddy wants an indoor potty facility !! He does not understand why I am being so very cruel and insisting on his venturing into the cold out of doors!!

"If I don't see you, you will not see me curled up on this nice warm down comforter!"

" But Mama! It's cold outside!!!!!"

1 comment:

Sue B said...

Oh he is too cute! My dogs are the same way, preferring their nice warm doggie beds by the wood stove to the cold snowy outdoors.


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