Saturday, March 17, 2007

Art Dolls are taking over the Asylum!!

I have been creating these wonderful little stuffed art dolls for several days now and I am finding that it is hard to stop!! The precipitating event was the announcement of a new swap on one of my art groups. As I began to see what some of my oh-so-talented art friends were creating, I could not resist.!!!! They are quick easy and oh, so much fun. I made the first one for daughter Becca when she was so sick. It really brought a smile to her face. The second one was quickly abducted because the first little mothie needed a friend. But, of course!! I have given several otthers to little friends and I have finally gotten around to finishing the two that I am obligated for in the swap. I have more waiting to be embellished that will be sent off as little surprises to various folks.

Well, enough discussion, here are the Mothies!
And some more!

This next picture shows how the backs are finished!

These little darlings are only agout 4-5 inches long and take just small scraps of fabric to create. The embellishing is the best part as each one takes on a personality of it's own.

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