Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Metamorphosis Complete

When I was a little girl I did not have much use for Barbie dolls. Let us just say that I was not born in her image. I have just completed a project for a trade that had made terrific use of an old Barbie. i never had this much fun with dolls when I was a kid!!

I am calling her Meta to stand for Metamorphosis Complete. The original doll was only developed to the larval stage!!

The starting point or Larval Stage!

Here is Meta transformed. She is covered with painted paper towels and matte medium after having her hair cut off as close to the scalp as possible. (That part was tons of fun-always a BIG No-No when we were kids!!)

Her wings are made from a tyvek envelope that was painted and ironed.

Here you can see her wings and back.

Now she is much better looking than the larval stage, don't you think??

You should all realize by now that nothing is safe in the hands of a Mixed Media Artist. Put something in the pot and one never knows what will result!!!

It is far too much fun to cchange things around!!!

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Arty Lady's blog said...

This is way cool! She is lovely, much better than the original.


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