Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mother Nature's Miracles

Can these amazing flowers be real????

On the last day of the kid's spring break, we all trekked into D.C. to go to the Natural History Museum. We took Metro- the kids always enjoy that and it really does make everything, traffic-wise, soooo much easier. Well, the Museum was mobbed- to be expected. After touring the fossils and watching a really cool video about the evolution of the horse, we headed for the Mammels. We found several long distant relatives of our dog Buddy- cute little rodent type creatures with big eyes and enormous ears!!!! As the kids and Tom headed for the Gift Shop, I ducked into a temporary exhibit about Orchids! All that I can say is OH MY!! The orchids were all in bloom and we could get so close that we could smell each one. They were arrainged as one might find them in a jungle and there were very few people taking in the beauty. The photographic opportunities were outstanding!!

So on this very rainey Sunday, I will share with you some of Mother Nature's most amazing miracles!!

Yet again, I have been shown that I must always be open to the gifts and miracles that each day presents us with!!

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Lorri said...

Elizabeth...I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about you trekking to Dc ...My kids all 3 were raised on Smithsonian and so was I oh how many field trips i took there and then just family time ...and the annual folklife festival how i miss that ...Last Museum i went to see was when they Opened the Native American museum.
I waited so long for them to open it ...and now I live 5 hours away.

Glad you can enjoy it



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