Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Stretch for Me !!!

I have never thought that I would find myself inspired or motivated to explore my own version of Zetti Style. Zetti Style , for those of you who are not Altered Art artists, is a whimsical, no rules specific style invented by Artist Teesha Moore. I have included alink to her web site because I find that there is no definition of her work that can do it justice. You just have to see her work. I have been interested in it and found it very different, but I have never been drawn or motivated to explore it within my own work. Just goes to show you that you should Never Say Never!!!

I am getting ready, ready, ready to go to Art and Soul in two weeks. At these art retreats, there are lots of gatherings for the trading of art work. I have previously posted pictures of the art pins (Art Helps Me Breathe) that I will be taking with me, but I have decided to also take some Artist Trading Cards along. I went about cutting up a bunch of collaged backgrounds that I have created out of scraps left over from other projects. At that Point , I had stopped, not sure where to go next. Then I saw some artwork posted on one of my art groups. This gal had done Zetti Animals ! They were very colorful, they made me laugh and they inspired me!!!! I thought that they would be the perfect thing to go along with my colorful whimsical backgrounds. So I set about going thru old magazines to find pictures of animals and words to use as accents.

Well here they are!! I am really excited that I was able to stretch beyond what I thought I could do with my art!!

I think that the Puffins with Party hats and the Girrafe are my favorites!!

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fiberfanatic said...

I especially love the rooster! - Yes, Surface Design is where I 'met' you. I am so impressed with the group and look forward to participating. I was 'inspired' yesterday to start a PC using some felted pieces I had started and other odds and ends.

Hugs, Lainy


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