Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What is it now??

One of the wonderful things about creating art from found objects is the response that the art generates. Everyone comes at things from their own personal perspective. It is very much like lying on your back, on the grass on a blustery day and watching the clouds scud by. Everyone sees someting different. I may see a rearing horse and my friend might see a flying bird in the same cloud formation. I look at rusty items found on the road and can see all sorts of things whereas others see trash. I look at crsty old paintbrushes with their bristles all fanned out and smashed and I see the makings for a doll with the bristles being the wild and crazy hair.

With the piece that I have just created , my husband Tom saw a stringer of Neon tropical fish, I saw somethinhg else, as I knew what I had made the piece from.

ok , no more suspense! What is it this time, you ask. Now don't go and get exasperated, here it is. It is a necklace.
Can you see why Tom said tht it looks like s stringer full of Neon's? The bristles are the tails and the colorful coatings are the neon scales. The chain then becomes a stringer full of fish!
Actually it is a vintage chain loaded with the ends of paintbrushes that have been wrapped in my signature painted paper towel, coated with resis and drilled for jumprings to attatch to the chain. i have worn it several times and I notice people looking at it and I can see their minds working trying to figure it out!! One teacher at my daughter's school , who does wonderful colorful art with her kindergarteners, came right up to me, picked up the necklace and burst out , "Those are paintbrushes, that is just so cool!!" She gets it and when she doesn't, she is not shy about asking.
Here are a few close-ups.
It is all about perspective and perception!!

I think that I will be putting several of these pieces up on my new Etsy store, coming soon!! I will be posting a link here on my blog so you can all rush right on over and check it out!!! ( As I know that you all will want to do just that!!:) )


Joanna van said...

This is agreat necklace Elizabeth...very original. It kind of reminds of this artist..I'll have to try and remember his name...he would paint these really large pieces of artwork and would take big paint brushes dip them in paint and then spread the paint on the canvas leaving the brush at the end. So, in the end you had this canvas with all these brushes attached.

Jo Wholohan said...

Hehehe this is cool Elizabeth!!!

sherresartmusings said...

Love this necklace. I like how you incorporated the paper towels into it. Great job; must be fun to wear!

easyjourney said...

Elizabeth! Those are too cool! TFS xo Astrid


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