Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Amazing Experience!

Yesterday I found a Bluebird feather in my garden. I knew then that it was going to be a good day! It was very hot and muggy outside, so I didn't stay out too long.
I was really tired so I took a nice long nap and when I got up Tom told me that I had gotten three pieces of ART mail!!! YIPPEE! I love art mail!!

One was a nice card from a good friend, the next was a new Art Zine (yummy) and the last was a small package from my friend Ruth Rae.
I have gotten to know Ruth through my Internet art groups. About A year ago I had put out a call for artists interested in working on an ALtered Book Round Robin. Ruth got in touch with me and signed on for the ride. What a ride it was!!! We started with 20 artists split into 2 groups of ten. We each started a book of a certain color and sent it on it's journey. Long story short, we ended up the "experience" with 14 artists and three books that had completely dissappeared! What a nightmare!! One of the books that went missing was one of my books. I had two in circulation as I wanted to collect art from all of the participants. Ruth was in the group that did not get my book. It was truely the Round Robin from HELL!! Fortunately Ruth got her book back safe and sound and I had a great deal of fun working in it for her!
She wanted to do something for me as she was not able to work in a book for me so she offered me a pair of her wonderful White Bird Earrings. I was THRILLED!!!!! you must go to visit her site and her Etsy store- her work is amazing! You may also recognize her name form recent srticles that she has had published in Cloth. Paper, Scissors (x2) and Belle Armoire. She does so deserve the attention. Once you go ther site you will find a link for her Etsy Store.
So, now for the EXPERIENCE!!!!
The little package arrived yesterday and as soon as I opened the pillow pack envie, I knew that I was in for something extra special!!
I thought that you might want to open the package with me. I took pictures as I knew that I would want to open the package again and again, as I know how Ruth does things!!
I knew what the earrings looked like and I knew to expect them but I did not know that they would arrive in such a marvelously delightful manner!!
This is what I withdrew from the pillow envie.
The package was wrapped in a swath of white on white patterned tissue. The outer wrapping was a page from a foreign book that had been stitched between two sheets of regular waxed paper. Clever, clever!!! it felt so crisp!!

Tied to the white twill ribbon was a little pillow charm that has a bird stamped on it and tucked under the ribbon was a large white feather with the words Kindness, Beauty and Truth stamped on it.

Inside was tucked her wonderful card with a little note to me on the back.

When I opened the other side this is what I found. It is a small book like package with the words ART GIRL stamped on the front and held closed by a briaded string wrapped around a white button. The book is made out of layers of tulle, scrim, chesscloth and old book pages that have been amchine stitched together. ( I can't tell you how glad I am that I had the sense to take pictures of this!!)

After unwinding the cord from around the button and opening the book, I found the earrings!On the right is a stitched heart with a bit of red tulle and a scrap of lace held down with french knots. The earrings were tied down with brown floss and the words "enhance your life" were stamped beneath them.

I am going to hang a special little charm where the earrings were and then put this whole book on it's own hanger, in my art space, so I can be inspired by it everyday.

The back of the book!

Wasn't that an amazing experience! I will probably revisit this post often!!Yet another thing that Ruth has reminded me of, presentation is so much a part of the gift!!!

I love the earrings and I will NEVER forget opening the package!!!


katelnorth said...

Amazing - even virtually. Thanks for sharing it!

Penny said...

this is a wonderful blog, thank you so much for placing a comment on mine so I found you. you do do many wonderful things, i love the arches, so much fun if you have a few to play with, unfortunatly I only have one and she is over 1/2 an hour away so we dont get together very often.
My faces, the first was prisma pencils on a closely woven cotton,pimatex I think, the next are acrylics, just ordinary ones, on a thin gesso's canvas i get in the form of a notebook. I find them a bit addictive!

English Rose said...

wow! what an amazing gift, thank you for sharing the whole experience with us.

Ruth Rae said...

I was the one that wrapped this and your photos and they way you described opening it even made ME excited! :)


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