Monday, November 19, 2007

Ashes of Roses

I don't remember if it was a lipstick color or a blush name, but I am pretty sure that it was from the cosmetic industry, my Mom use to have some product by the name Ashes of Roses. I know that there is a novel by this name. Anyway, my Belinda's Dream Rose has given me her last bloom for this year. She bloomed steadily and very profusely in the Spring, slowed down a bit when it was very hot and then as soon as it started to cool down she came on like gang busters again!! We have had several frosts, the impatiens succumbed weeks ago but Belinda has kept right on blooming!! I do so wish that our computers had Small-a-Sensors as her fragrance is amazing as well! Becca and I love her evena s she is losing her petals all over the kitchen table!!
I know taht she will return even more floriferous and fragrant after a long winter's anpbut we will miss her!!! You can bet that you will hear me shouting from the rooftops when we pick our first bloom of 2008! I must remind myself that Spring would be nearly so fabulous an occurence if there was no Winter to spend in anticipation!!

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