Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Ever Watercolor !!

Today I went to a meeting of a new Art Group in Fredericksburg. At each meeting there is a demo/lesson taught by one of the group members. The gal who taught today is named Ariel Freeman. She is a professional watercolorist who has never taught before. She was terrific and it was a great first time for her as there were only three of us there and none of us knew a thing!!! We basically watched her and then the did the same thing (as best we could) on our own pieces. THis is only 4x6 but I am going to frame it anyway!! I am so excited about the possibilities for painting flowers from my garden. Ariel has promised to give me some more lessons, specifically on flowere studies and she is going to come over to my garden to take pictures once things are in bloom!!
It is all very exciting!!


Joanna van said...

That is just beautiful. I would never have guessed it was your first watercolor. I hope you find a lovely place to hang it.

Doreen G said...

This is incredible Elizabeth I think it will have pride of place in your house.

~*~Patty said...

Having been lucky enough to see this up close and personal E! It's really wonderful!!! Thank you again for such special bday treasures, you are most kind!!! ooxoo

MargaretR said...

If this is your first watercolour, then it's definitely a media you should work in often. What will you be like in 12 moonths of this?


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