Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Art for The NEW YEAR!!

First of all I would like to thank al of you for providing me with an amazing art experience in 2007!! I had no idea what having a blog would do for me nor for my growth as an artist! There I said it!!! I am actually sort of , maybe becoming comfortable with calling myself an artist!! I owe alot of that new found confidence to all of you who visit my blog and leave your comments. It is such an amazing thing to be able to visit with like minded people from all over the world without having to pay the airfare!! Yesterday while I was checking my e-mail , I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend, Ati, in the Netherlands. We exchanged 4 messages within a matter of minutes about fiber arts and fusible webs! How COOL is that!!!!
So Thank you all very much for leaving comments and/or just stopping by just to visit!!
May we all experience a wonderfully fullfilling year of joy and Peace!

I thought that I would share some crazy little bits that I have finally finished up for a swap on Surfac Design. You will NOt BELIEVE what these stampings are made from!! Can you guess???
Would you believe Toilet Paper?? Well, it's true! I took several of my own carved rubber stamps and layered them with wet glued layers of Scotts TP!! Once they began to dry, I peeled them off of the stamps, let them dry completely and then coated both sides of the stamping with Matte Medium. Then I painted each with sparkling H2O's and trimed down the excess tissue. these stampings are now incredibly lightweight and durable and can be added to any sort of project, be it an Altered Book or a Mixed Media Quilt of some sort. Very, very Cool!! I have my friend Michelle, from Surface Design, to thank for inspiring me to try this fun technique!!
Now if I had shown you this picture first, I am sure that many of you would have been able to figure out what I was playing with! This is what the stampings looked like after painting and before trimming!


Joanna van said...

Wow, these hand carved stamps are fantastic. Also, you colored them beautifully!

Sandy said...

How clever. They look like the molded paper which is expensive. What a good alternative. Sandy

Robin said...

I've done some of these, only I used nose tissues (Kleenex) for the layers and painted a little dye on them while they were still wet. I'm going to try your way of coating them with medium and then painting them. Thanks!

~*~Patty said...

Finally getting caught up with you, busy lady. Your TP creations look embroidered! Love your painted lace too! Such a bonus getting the underlying paper as well! Great projects one and all! Keep up the good work E.

SHRIPAD said...

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