Monday, January 14, 2008

Ready for Valentines

Thanks to my good friend Cheryl, in Oklahoma, I have successfully moved the You Make My Day button to my blog!! Hopefully, one of these days I will develope some confidence with this machine!!!
Now MY chore is to pick 10 blogs that make my day!! that will be very hard as I have so very many favorites!! Think, Think, Think........

I sent my quilted hearts off to Barb today for the swap. As soon as I get the pins back I will post them!! I am going to spend more time with the technique of painting the quilted fabric. I really like the effect!

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Judy Scott said...

Hi Elizabeth thankyou for visiting me and your lovely comment, Im really new to felting and I love it already, have you tried it, its very very easy ~ off to explore your blog now, Judy x


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