Friday, February 22, 2008

The Best Nest and some detail shots.

I got a wonderful giftie in the mail the other day!! My wonderful pal Barb sent me THE BEST NEST!! She made it out of wire that she CROCHETED into the cutest little nest for one of my stuffed birds!!! I am planning on weaving all sorts of fibers thru the holes in the wire to fill it out and make it a comfy spot for the birds.
I have sent off this Blue Bird of Eternal Happiness for barb to care for and I will be finishing up the Pink and green bird for my own collection. I will post a picture of the fibered up nest as soon as I finish it!
Cyber Fiber Postcard Close ups:
Several friends have asked to see some close up shots of my post card for the Cyber Fiber Exhibit. So I spent some time with my camera and actually got some great results that really show some details of all the texture in the card.

Here you can see the shimmer that the Twinkling H2O's added to the silk petals.

Here you can distinguish the french knots from the teal beads.

And here you can see the painted tuille and the dyed cheesecloth.

Dyed Fabric:
Yesterday I dyed some fabric for an upcoming project that requires a green fabric background. I am particpating in a swap of six inch fabric collage squaes that are to depict a flower of our choosing. I am going to use the same technique that I used in the Cyber Fiber Postcard to create Hydrangea collages using this green salt dyed fabric as a background.

I used Setacolor Dyes by Luminaire, in various greens and threw rocksalt onto the wet fabric. When the piece was completely dry ,I wiped off the salt and this was the result. I love it and think that it will amke a wonderful backfground for the hydrangeas! I used a vintage damask dinner table napkin that measured 25 inches square, as I thought that it would be neat if some of the dmask flowers showed through the dye process. It is quite hard to see the woven flowers with the salt technique on top but the napkin fabric gives a very sturdy background for the collage. If I had not done the salt treatment the pattern would have been very visible. Live and create, and learn!!!


artisbliss said...

Gorgeous hand-dyed fabric, Elizabeth, and isn't that nest perfect for your birds!

creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth I must say that your green dyed fabric is stunning and your fiber crafts never cease to amaze me. But today I just fell in love with your little birds, just too cute. They do look great sitting in your friends little wire nest. Belinda

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth: I am new to your blogg and find it wonderful. I too have used and painted on paper towels, dried up baby wipes (they are especially sturdy) and even used dryer sheets : ) tooo much fun. wish I could come play in your group, you all sound like you have a great time. I'm all the way in Arizona but will tune into your blogg regularly. thanks for sharing I love to read about techniques : )
Love to you, Sandra in AZ

Judy Rys said...

Love the green fabric. I think it may be too nice for a background!

Latharia said...

Wow...that nest is too cool!!! Also, love the salt-dyed fabric!! AWESOME!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh gosh girlie, your p-card is making me weak in the knees!~ I just shipped mine off, posted a pic under the heading "cyber Fyber" if you'd like to take a look. :) ~Monica

Cyber Fyber said...

Thank you again for blogging about our CYBER FYBER trade! I think your birds are delightful and their new nest is perfect. Thanks too for your nice note about Maine. I've been there September. Steve and I were on our honeymoon...1981. We were so young and poor that it was a camping experience never to be forgotten. We continued into Nova Scotia and were nearly blown away by gale force winds. We loved every minute of New England in the autumn. I'm so excited to be going again!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Really, I am so in love with fiber arts! I wish you would come to my house and teach me some of this stuff! We could play all day and turn our fingers different colors from the dyes!


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