Sunday, February 3, 2008

Silver Chain Creation and more!

You may remember a Charm Swap necklace that I posted about over a year ago, but then again, probably not!! Anyway, I made the chain from copper wire and crafted each link in a curlicue s-hook and then hammered the metal to work harden it and to add texture to the metal. My good friend Karen saw my necklace and asked me to create a similar chain for her, in sterling silver, to hold her own collection of amythest and silver charms.

As you can see I created a two level peice to showcase more of her wonderful collection. Each piece, all by itself is nice ,but together the collection creates a SHOW STOPPER!! Karen has barely taken it off since last week and finds that she is able to draw a crowd wherever she goes. Here is a photo of the encklace as it looks while being worn. I am so thrilled that Karen likes it so much and she has requested several of my business cards so she can hand them out to appreciative fans!! Cool!!

Today I created a necklace for myself using my Porcupine Scrap fabric beads. Several friends have asked if I was going to be selling any and I plan to have some available at my Etsy site later this week!

To attach the beads to the black ball chain necklace, I added a beaded loop to the top of each bead. this is going to be a very fun peice to wear and will look great on any solid color outfit!

In this picture you can get a bit of an idea of how the beaded loops work.

I am really enjoying putting these little gems together! truely making a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!!

This week, I also sent off my Valentines Gift cone to my friend Patti B. We were to include a few fun art finds as well as something that we had created ourselves, besides the cone. Patti loves birds even more than I, if possible, so I created this little Birdie to keep her company in her art space!

She is about 5 inches big and does best plopped on her bottom tail feathers. She was a hoot to make. I might have to make a few more for my Etsy shop! Her is a picture of her backside so you can see all of her glorious plummage!!

I have sevearl other projects in teh workks so I will be posting again soon!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Elizabeth-what wonderful art again!!! the necklace is beyond beautiful! I can understand your friend's happiness with it! And the porcupine beads are fun-like them as a necklace! You buddy is going to love her studio bird, too! What a cutie!!
chris p

creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, how clever you are the necklace is stunning, I can see how that would be a show stopper. I have started making some necklaces myself recently but I'm a novice really will post them soon. Your beaded balls are so cool and your little birdie is just cute, it makes me smile just looking at him, I so want one lol. Great work, Belinda

artisbliss said...

Fabulous silver necklace, Elizabeth, and what a darling bird! You have been busy!

barbara burkard said...

oh your birdie!!! i just crocheted a nest of wire...base for a nest swap project...and your "s" necklace is divine!!!

Dianne said...

You've done it again! Created some amazing things!! I love your necklaces - especially your fibre beads - yum!! And, your little bird - he is so cute!!

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm I love that you put the Om symbol in your necklaces. Love all your art girl!!!!! :>)

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Elizabeth I love love love the silver necklace with the OM symbol on it it's to die for.


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