Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birds, Birds Everywhere!

Outside we are seeing Robins everywhere, the starlings are flocking in noisy wavesand the Bluebirds are actively scouting for nesting sites, outside. Inside there are bird wings and stuffed bird bodies all over the house!! I am in full Bird Tota mode and I am very pleased with the results. Currently I am participating in two different trades with two groups for Bird Tota's. Yesterday I completed a Three Bird String as a gift for a good friend's birthday. She was thrilled!! YyIIPPEEEEE!!

I created the wings from fabric that I created by fusing paper bits to stmaped muslin using Misty Fuse. I am really loving Misty Fuse! This super shear fusible web is terrific for applying paper to fabric without using any sort of wet media. Misty Fuse can be most easily purchased on line- I know that Joggles has it in all of it's varieties. After I fused the paper down I did some free motion stitching over the top to add texture and to hold down any overlapping or errant edges. To finish off the fabric I coated both side with two coats of matte medium to add durability as I was going to be fan folding the paper/fabric when crafting the wings.

I added three of my Scrappy beads hung from strands of coordinating beads from the last bird, for a colorful finish!

And Now for a Bird of a different color! A BECCA BIRD!! A GATOR BIRD!!!!!


Friday last, marked Becca's last Gator Spirit Day at Becca's Elementary School. Gator Week is a huge deal for this school! There are all kinds of activities each day and the kids go all out with school colors on the last day. People in the neighborhood decorate with the school colors and inflatable gators are seen all over town and onging on the tops of cars and roofs! She was so excited to have her face painted and went off happily to enjoy her day. She left me at home to deal with the fact that next year she will be entering the Middle School. What happened to my chubby cheeked, tiny little dolly??????????????? This Mom stuff can be really hard on the heart sometimes!!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Elizabeth-wonderful tota-your birds are always fantastic!!! -and your daughter is darling!!!!
chris p

Jacky said...

Lovely picture of your daughter Elizabeth... thanks for sharing!

Thanks also for the wonderful pics. of your bird totas (which I love!!!) and for all the tips.

I have to start mine soon for our swap... so many fabric swaps!!! I am busy, busy, busy (but having lots of fun).

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your bird strings! Just wonderful and your Becca looks marvelous; appreciate you sharing that.

Belinda said...

i love your birds, how cool are they?

creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, The birds are wonderful, I have a long bird hanger with a cow bell on the end that I purchased that is very similar to this, but yours is much nicer lol. I have some gorgeous material to use that I was thinking of making something like this with birds. Hope its as nice as yours. Your daughter is beautiful.Belinda

Dianne said...

Great birds - love them! Your daughter is a sweetie - and being a Mum does pull on the heart strings at times!


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