Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Pay It Forward Treasure

You may recall that I participated in a Pay It Forward Challenge several months ago. The idea was to post the concept of Pay It Forward on your blog and entice the first three responders who were willing to play and post to their blogs, with a reward or gift from the originator. I learned about this on my good friend Patty's blog, Magpie's Nest. I was one of the three that signed up with her. Then I posted to my blog and quickly got three gals who wanted to join in. Well, i recieved Patty's glorious personal creation via specail carrier, our mutual friend Trina. You can see Trina's wonderful trove of treasures,for altered arts and all vintage, for sale at unbelievable prices, here.

I just love my Altered Silverware dragonfly!!! Isn't she amazing??? Patty and I share a passion for gardening and Patty is so clever at adding such wonderful details to her work. I am thrilled to have a lovely piece of Patty's wonderful work to add to my collection. Lucky me!!!!

If you have a moment and want to see mor of Patty's wonderful creations, click on the Magpie's Nest link that is highlighted above. I know that you will thoroughly enjoy your visit!!

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~*~Patty said...

What fun to see the altered fork on your lovely blog Elizabeth! I certainly had a wonderful time creating it for you! It was a tough decision, mermaids or gardening.....the Pay it Forward challenge is such a neat concept, really fun and rewarding playing along. My second PIF arrived in England, now there is one more destined for France to a new!!! :)


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