Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Birthday Celebration

Another birthday? To me, that means make a special gift! My good friend Jean just had her 65th and we all endeavored to create a memorable birthday for her as she was dreading the day. I did not see her on the actual day but she said that she went a bit wild and had a great time!! that is what birthdays should be!!
I made her a gift cone as she had been longing for one of her own since I had made one for friends Karen and Trina.

For this cone I used a piece of a glorious silk scarf that was colored in shades of pinks thru a dark peach. I had found it at Goodwill for $1!! love it when that happens!!!! it is such fun to first find such a treasure and then all over again when you use it in an art piece!!!!

For the dangle at the tip I used a vintage clip earring and I had totally forgotten that Jean only wore clips and that her Grandchildren think that the earrings are so cool!! She was thrilled with that touch- I got lucky!!! I also did lots of beadwork and added many little pearl buttons, some floating around under a layer of tuille. Each time I make a cone they go together more quickly. I must make some for my Etsy shop. I think that they would make terrific Mother's Day gifts or as a Graduation gift with something special tucked inside.

More Beads:

You may remember that I had made a specail patchy fabric for wings for some of my stuffed Bird Tota's. When I got to the end of the fabric I could not bear to throw away even the smallest bits!1 So I made some more beads. Scrappy Beads out of scaps fo fabric made from scraps for wings for birds!! then I embellished the beads with beads!!

I think that they look like little caterpillars or like cellular structures- that takes me back to my biochem days, YIKES!!!!


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Love the fabric cones! Beautiful!! And you know I am digging the scrappy beads! Fun!!!!
chris p

artisbliss said...

The gift cone turned out beautifully, and how great that you were able to recycle the silk scarf.

Love the scrappy beads, too.


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