Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Primroses !

I am always sure that Spring is here when one of my favorite little flowers starts to bloom. I have carried these little gems with us wherever we have lived . The family has gotten very used to mom moving pots of plants along with the other necessities of the home!!! Everytime I visit my mom's home I return with a new clump of plants. These Primroses are called Hose-On-Hose, originally from England. They grow in the hedgrows in the UK and they do very well in the sandy soil on Cape Cod. When we lived in Oklahoma several plant experts laughed when I told them about these plants and where they were from- no Way would they grow in the sizzling heat of OK. Wrong!! I found the perfect spot in the shade with lots of compost and they bloomed their fool heads off!!

Aren't these just the sweetest little blooms you have ever seen????? The blossoms are actually double. One flower emerges from the center of the previous flower. Each year each plant doubles so one can get a very large clump of plants.

I always scatter little piles or shrines of beach stones throughout the yard to remind me of the ocean. These stones were collected on Cape Cod over several years of long beach walks.

My favorite Spring color pallette! (Maybe it has something to do with my Swedish heritage- I just love blue and yellow!!)

Spring Planting!

During a break in our rainy weather I was able to recruit my favorite garden helper to plant peas in our new raised bed garden. We borrowed a neighbors cute little tiller and chopped up all of the grass clippings and shredded leaves and kitchen waste that has been composting all winter long. We could not believe the number of worms that we saw!! the soil is black and rich and wonderful- a far cry from the typical VA clay soil. We put in sugar snap peas, three kinds of lettuce, arugula and spinach. We can't wait to be eating salad greens from our own garden!!


Marilyn Rock said...

Such hope spring offers us Elizabeth! Great seeing these sweet and pretty blossoms on your Blog. Your "helper" looks great, too. :)

Jacky said...

We are approaching autumn over here in Australia, so it is nice to see these signs of spring peeping through in the USA.
Looks like a bountiful harvest at a later date for you and your favourite helper!!! Nothing like freshly picked peas (bet not many make it into the pot!)

artisbliss said...

I've been really enjoying the daffodils, narcissus and crocus in my own garden this year, maybe because of the long, intense winter we had. I love primroses, too.

creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth your flowers are gorgeous, I like gardening when I get the chance, everything is growing a tad wild at the moment, but it will slow down soon as winter will be here before I know it. All things are better with great little helpers too, lucky you. Belinda

martha brown said...

Spring has come in your neck of the woods! The only flowers that I have seen so far were some snowdrops (yesterday) We're a bit behind. I'm hoping that we catch up a bit so I can find my plants when I move in 2 weeks!!!. Happy planting!!!


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