Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stenciled T Shirts Tanzania Bound!!

Well, I bit off a whole lot more than I had thought but I got to the result that I wanted!! Let me just say that the frist stencil that one attempts to cut SHOULD NOT BE a phrase or type of any kind!!! But I had a goal in mind so I did not heed this warning!! Do as I SAY NOT as I DO!!

So the goal was to create T shirts for my awesome Master gardening Soil God Guru who is living in Tanzania and working to help AIDS victims and caretakers grow nutritious and bountiful home gardens. He is single handedly leading folks to a much better life through good nutrition that can be provided right outside their own doors, as opposed to traveling sometimes miles to fields that are almost impossible to tend when folks are ill. By gardening in this manner, crops such as tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes and mangoes, oranges and many others can be nurtured and watered to provide enough to feed the gardener with an abundance to sell!!!! Amazing what a few changes in thought and behavior as well as double digging of soil and composting can do!!!!

Here is a picture of baby brother with his youngest daughter Kate (in orange) with me and my two kids, last year , at Mt. Vernon. As you can see Peter is very fair and you can imagine what a figure he strikes amoung the native Africans- needless to say , he gets noticed!!!

So the Dude wanted some shirts with a phrase that he had come up with. The phrase is "Feeding the world one garden at a time".

I bought three t shirts , the stencil cutting tool and some fabric paints and this is the result of my stencil cutting efforts.

This is not a good picture but I had to prove that I had actually cut the stencil!! As you can see the capital O gave me fits as I made my stencil brige too narrow but I managed to fudge it anyway!! I also cut some veggie stencils as aphrase alone on a shirt was too boring and not to be tolerated.!! These were a piece of cake to cut and I designed them myself!!

I simply had to include a sweet potato, as the simple sweet potato could be the tuber to save the eyesight of Africa!!! It is amazing the nutritional value , in vitamins and minerals ,contained in one sweet potato!! ( Didn't bargain for a nutrition lesson, did you??? TOUGH!!) The reward for your patience is the picture of the shirt!! TA DA !!!!!

I am so pleased with this and I have made two more to send off to Tanzania, hopefully to arrive for baby bro's birthday on the 21st of May. He will probably want me to make up more to give to his Peace Corps Volunteer Folks that he works with. Now that would be cool!!! I am also going to harass him to send me some pictures of his crops and the families and kids that he works with. I want to share them with you!


michelle ward said...

Elizabeth - this shirt is fantastic! What a great gift to send your brother. I admit when I first saw tht word stencil I was a little worried but girl, you pulled it off BIG TIME! The shadowing and the vegetables - wow! Thanks for sharing your project with the street team. Cool to see how making your own tools can be used for more than just journal pages.

ArtKat said...

Wow, the shirts turned out fabulous! You did a fine job with the stencils, and they worked great! Your bro will love them! Give him a big thumbs-up from the US! :)

Suzanne said...

The shirt turned out GREAT! Your brother will be very pleased, for sure. It's so great that there are brave and dedicated people like him who are willing to travel across the world to help out others. Give him my best!

Marilyn Rock said...

The shirts are fabulous Elizabeth! What a gift for your brother; he is obviously a gift to many.

Jacky said...

Well done Elizabeth, you are so talented. Your brother will be rapt when he sees these (and yes...I think you are going to have to do more!!!)

artisbliss said...

I've given you an award over at my place.

Kimbo said...

Wow ! This t-shirt is great ! Definitely worth the challenge you had cutting your stencils !

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

GOOD for you! I missed the rubber stamping crusade and might just miss this stencil one now too... bought the supplies weeks ago but where can I purchase time? anyone? Anyone? xo, Monica :)

creative dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth, What a wonderful person your brother must be, and how proud will he be of you because you have done a great job with the t-shirts. Belinda


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