Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yard Sale Treasures and Stencils!

Several posts back I showed you pictures of some fabric that I had dyed with Sun Paints by Peboe. to get the ffect i used an old plastic doiley for my "stencil". Michelle asked me to repost to remind you about what can be used as stencils. I was thrilled with the effect that I got and the process could not be simpler. After painting my white fabric with the sun reactive dye, I placed the doiley on top of the wet fabric and put the whole thing out in the sun to dry. Then to heat set the dye , I ironed the fabric!!! I just love the look!!

Here is what the doiley itself looks like!

It really is amazing what everyday items can be used as tools for our artwork!!!

AS far as cutting my own stencils go, I have gotten the tool for cutting my own stencils (with the 50% off coupon from Micheal's!!! LOVE THAT!!), but I have not had a chance yet to cut any of my own. i am designing some stencils to make shirts for my brohter for his upcoming birthday. He lives in Tanzania and is teaching those people who are caregivers- usually family members - for those suffering from AIDS how to garden intensively right outside their front doors. He is working very hard to help them see that they can grow amazing crops full of important vitamins and immune building minerals right outside their homes. He wants me to make him some shirts that say "Feeding the Worl One Garden At A Time." So that is my important task- the least that I can do I think!!! I am very proud of my kid brother and of the work that he and his family is doing!!! It is amazing how even just the simplest changes in attitudes and strategies can impact so wonderfully, a whole village!!!

Now for the Yard Sale Treasures portion of our program!!
This morning I was able to stop at a sale as I had no one else in the car with me!!! Pure Bliss!! I didn't have to be anywhere and no one was there to forbid me from stopping!!! It seems that the gal who was selling is in this same spot- her yard, every other weekend. She and her husband clean out old homes to be sold or demolished and take all of the stuff to the dump. She has decided that she just can't bear to pitch all of the stuff so she is selling what she can for some extra money. She is selling stuff for $1 , 50 cents, 25 cents- peanuts!! i got a old sewing box full of wooden stools and an antique needle case and other sewing notions for $2, some wonderful embroidered lines and old bark cloth table clothes for .50 a piece and a whole bag full of PLASTIC DOILEY's in different patterns for $1!!! I was practically hyperventilating!! She is going to hold onto wooden hangars and buttons and sewing stuff for me , when she comes across it.

Here is a picture of three of the different doileys that I got !! I counted, there are 15 of them!!! I am going to a new Art Group meeting tomorrow, a group that several girlfriends and I are starting and I may just have to give away some door prizes!!! Spread the Plastic Doiley LOVE!!!!!

So keepp your eyes open for these little treasures!! I sure would not serve food on them but they do make FABULOUS STENCILS!!!


michelle ward said...

Elizabeth - thanks for making this psot to share with the street team. I've never heard of your sunprint dyes - but what a cool thing you have done! That plastic doilie as a mask is dynamite!! It's a surprising source to use and look for - especially now that yard sales are picking up. What a cool thing your brother is doing! Send him a *high five* from us.

Julie said...

I've had the urge to spray paint through some vintage lace I have in storage...but THIS idea...the doilies...BRILLIANT!! Thank you so much for posting this tid bit...and I love your sun dye piece!! Really pretty!

Sarah aka Flo said...

the sun reactive dyes look amazing!!!

love the result of using the doiley to block the sunlight

Jo Wholohan said...

ohhh my Elizabeth!!! you are a girl after my heart :)) I just ADORE these!!! have to see if i can find some in australia

Jacky said...

Ooohhh Elizabeth, what treasures you found at the garage sale. What a find too, I am sure you will be stopping by there quite regularly.
Your brother sounds amazing, what a truly worthwhile project. I look forward to seeing what you design for the t-shirts!!! Keep us posted on what he is doing in Tanzania, such a fantatic thing to do.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Elizabeth theses are awesome, I know what your saying about things we can use around our houses for art supplies. Sometimes we have to take your lead and just hunt our house for kool things to use in our art.

What a great cause and what important work your brother is doing. Thanks so much for sharing!

ArtKat said...

Beautiful sun-dyed fabric! I have some of those plastic doilies, I got them from garage sales, too!

Kudos to your brother, he's doing something very important! Let us see his t-shirts when you get some stenciled! :)

AztecMichelle said...

I'm sure my Grandma must have some of those somewhere! Great idea!
Michelle Brown
Melbourne Australia

Latharia said...

LOVE what you did with the doily!!!!!!! Just gorgeous!

Kimbo said...

Ahhhh those doilies make extraordinary stencils ! I think I have some in a box somewhere - plastic ones from the Dollar Store. I have to find those ....You and your brother are doing great work !
Cheers !

Becci said...

The doilies are a super idea! They kinda remind me of the "Spiro-Graph" I dearly loved when I was a kid!

Stopped by to say "hi"!

Have a great hair day! Becci


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