Friday, May 16, 2008

A Day In Fredericksburg

Yesterday I was in Old Towne Fredericksburg for a day with my friends Karen and Jean and Dixie. As we parked in a lot near the Rappahanock River we made a wonderful new little friend! The parking lot is adjacent to the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts. the Center is housed in a wonderful Historic Building the survived the Battle Of Fredericksburg. A wonderful rock garden is being lovingly constructed by a wonderful gal who brings along her two little friends.

this little darling is named Copper Penny and she is as bright and bouncey and delightful as she looks!! She happily accompanies her mistress along with her older doggie friend Tootsie Roll (a n older black and brown long haired Chiuahua.) Copper is a 4 month old Pappillon Pup. We stopped to chat for about 20 minutes before we began our exploration of a wonderful Antiques Mall . It takes quite an event to keep us from our hunt for treasures, but Copper had us wrapped around her little paw instantly!!!!

Here is a shot that I took of the rock garden work that Copper was overseeing!

We had a wonderful time shopping for treasures and a great lunch. Then I headed home to be back by the time the kids got home from school. On the way, I simply had to stop to take some quick pictures of tsome of the front yard gardens in many of the homes that line the historic streets of Fredericksburg.

Several of the homes were made with local stone and serve as glorious backdrops for plantings.

All of these historic homes survived the civil war battle - the Basttle Of Fredericksburg and most were used as cover for the Union forces. i love the roses growing along this clapboard siding painted this fabulous blue color.

I spotted a beautiful home with a wonderful paint scheme- a mushroomy taupe color with deep purple shutters and a glorious floral wreath on the door. Once I got out of my car and started to set up to tke my picture , I was startled by a robin flying away from the top of the wreath! upon closer examination I discovered that she had been trying to distract me from her nest that was full of hungry babies!!

This is waht I had noticed from the street. But the nest is what Momma Robin made me aware of!

I waited around for quitre awhile and was very still but Momma bird was not willing to return to the nest while I was there!! It certainly pays to slow down and take some time to really look and enjoy our surroundings!! What a gift this little detour presented to me!!!

I have been busily working on new art projects but they are all for publications so I am not able to share them with you yet! I will have some new pieces for you in my next post!! See you then!

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Marilyn Rock said...

Wonderful pictures Elizabeth. Happy you enjoyed your time!


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