Thursday, July 31, 2008

Incredible Wonders Awaited Me......

upon my return from the All Girls Road Trip!! Not only was the sink empty of dishes, as well as the dishwasher, the laundry room free of piles with all laundry clean and folded ( minor miracles not to be scoffed at by any means!!) but I had a package to open from my wonderful friend Dot Christian!! Many of you know Dot and her amazing Dottee Dolls- those dolls are named after her design and are being traded in swaps all over the net and the world!! Dot lives in OZ and I met her glorious generous self thru an on-line art group that we were both members of for a time! Dot has opened her own Etsy Shop where she sells her marvelous dolls and kits to make your own versions of the Dottee Doll and you must all go and visit by clicking here. Dot also has a marvelous blog where she posts all of her art here. Dot's blog is on my daily blog trot around the web so you must stop by for a visit, her blog is such a treat and her glorious heart shines thru all of her posts!!!!

Now back to my package!! I am not sure why I deserve such amazing gifts but you can be sure that I will use every bit of this gloriousness to full advantage.
A package containing such glorious Kaffe Fassette fabrics and beads and sequins would surely have been treasure enough, but no, this was just the beginning!!!

The next treasure taht I discovered was this wonderful Bird with Gift wall peice!! I had recently visited Dot's blog and seen her work in a Round Robin project that she was working on. One of the books had bird shaped pages and this was the sort of work that Dot had created for that book. Well, I had commented that she should start creating these little beauties to sell at her ETSY site as they were so special. Next thing I know I am looking at one of the birds in my own hands!!!!!
Look closely at this marvelous piece, what do you see tucked in behind her wing???

A wonderful dear little Dottee Egg , of course!!!! This piece will be hung where I can see it all the time- it just makes my heart sing!!!
Next in the package was this wonderful doll.

This is one of Dot's Matrushka Dolls!! Sher also sells these wonderful peices at her Etsy site!!!Every wonderful stitch of Dot's work is done completly by hand- she does not own, nor does she wish to own, a sewing machine!!!! The talents of this Artist are amazing!! My little Mother doll stands about 4 inches tall and has a wonderful pocket in which she carries her two children.

And here are the Kids!! Aren't they just precious? Dot's use of fabrics, color and beaded embellishment is just amazing and I am so very honored to have this Matrushka doll and my Bird hanging in my collection of Art dolls. The greatest gift however is knowing that I have a friend in Dot and that pieces of her glorious and generous heart are present in my home thru her art!! I love you bunches Dot!!!!


Belinda said...

Hi Elizabeth Welcome home so glad to hear your holiday went well. Can't wait to see more pics. You are one lucky girl everything Dot sent you is amazing. I love the birds and the little dolls are so beautiful. She is a very talented lady. Take care Belinda

Dotti said...

What a treasure you received. Dot's blog is only open to invited guests. How do we get invited?

Hugs, Dotti

artbeth67 said...

Have fun! Those fabrics are FABULOUS!!! I'm going to check out her Etsy right now! :)

artisbliss said...

How nice to come home to a clean house. That's a treat in itself. And what wonderful stuff awaited you!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW! Dot sent you very beautiful things! How precious are those dolls?

Patti G. said...

Elizabeth, how darling all the treasures that Dotee has sent you! I love that she made you a BIRDIE! You know I LOVE that shape! <3
And her dolls are amazing and her hand work just stunning! FUN!!!
Sending a hug to you!


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