Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Art to Share

I have several new peices to show you that I have just finished. The first project is another fabric collaged purse. This purse was comissioned by another artist after she met me and saw the purse that I was carrying at the time. THere really is no better advertizement than wearing and using what you create. There is also nothing more flattering than having someone request that you make an item for them and offer to pay you on the spot!! In this case I wanted to only take part of the cost up front, as I live in close proximity to this new found fan!! This is all so, so, so good for my artistic ego- I guess that I really do need to think of myself as an artist- with a capitol A!!!

So here is the piece that I have created!

Joan had requested that I add an interior pocket to hold her cell phone. It is on the inside- so you can't see it- but it is a very handy little addition that I will add to all future creations. Above is the front of the purse and below is the back and a close up shot of the beaded fringe. The large beads in the fringe are ones that I made using fabric/paper and resin.

This last shot is a picture of the button and tassel closure. The tassel acts as a weight to fold the purse over on itself, like an envelope closure. The prism is a vintage piece of a chandelier and it splashes the light around beautifully!!

I am thrilled to have gotten this project finished . Now all that I must do is deliver it to Joan!

This next piece is for a dear friend who lives quite far away and who happens to be in need of a Big Hug!! I love sending little art surprises to those who need a random act of love and kindness and who really appreciate the effort and the love behind the piece of work.

This collage is done on a10 x 12 peice of canvas board. I used all sorts of collaged papers in this piece and the sunflower is made from an old reed placemat that I painted and beaded. the petals are made of fabric/paper that I stitched around the edges on the sewing machine. I really like the extra texture that this small step adds. The body of the bird is made from collaged and gesso washed sheet music.

Here are some shots that will allow you to see some more details.

I love the touch that the beads add to the flower center!

Well, I have to rush off and take bread out of the oven and put some chicken on the grill!!

I hope taht all of my blog visitors from the states have a happy and safe 4th of July and all those from other countries enjoy a safe and happy weekend!! It really means the world to me that you all come by and leave such wonderful comments. You all are wonderful friends and you feed my soul- or should I say my inner Artist- note the capitol A !!!!


Vicki W said...

These are terrific peices!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful fabric and collage work Elizabeth! WOW! Happy 4th weekend to you and yours.

Robin said...

Ooooooooh! I love this collage and purse, especially the way you did the tassel and fringe with your lovely handmade beads. Using paper beads for the fringe is a good idea, because they don't add much weight to the purse. I love your colors too!

Sue B said...

love that bag!

martha brown said...

LOVE the purse -- very nice!

Pat Winter said...

I agree, wearing your work is great advertisement. That is how I began selling my purses.Your purse is very pretty and I love the colors and fabrics.


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