Sunday, August 31, 2008

The "MUST SEE" art spot in southwestern N.C!!

I must come clean here and tell all that one of the reasons that I most wanted to explore the SW region of N.C. was the shop Random Arts that was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, last year! Don't get me wrong, I have long heard of the art mecca that is Ashville and I have been wanting to experience all that the region has to offer for a very long time. But when I saw this article and we were looking for a new place to explore where no one had been before, I decided that the Hendersonville/Saluda area would be "ThE" spot!!
Saluda is a tiny little town very close to the NW border of South Carolina. THe town is charming and wonderful and very small. Nested into a wonderful spot on the tiny Main Street is the amazing Random Arts owned by the delightful Jane Powell.
Meet Jane!! Many of the pieces on the wall behind her are pieces that she has created using torn paper collage!! The items that she is working with are my purchases- I sure had a great time shopping!!!
As soon as I entered the shop I felt right at home! I was engulfed in all things artful- from fabulous ribbons, "wholley paper" (an item totally unique to Random Arts) - to amazing displays of finished art pieces surrounded by everything neccesary to create similar works! It is truely a fairyland of inspiration!!
Jane and I had a great time visiting and I happened to be wearing one of my Scrappy Bead necklaces. She was very curious about it and I offered to return later in the week and do a Demo for her and some of her friends. She was thrilled- I was "Over the moon Thrilled".
I returned on Thursday after being given all sorts of fabulous tips on what to see and do in the area , with her cell phone # in hand in case I 'Needed Anything!" What a doll!!
When I arrived I was so lucky to meet and talk to Joyce Berger and Bead Artist Extrordinaire Louise McClure!! (Be on the lookout for Louise's new book coming out in early 2009 !) It turned out that Joyce had lived for many years, in Hyannis MA, on Cape Cod and had owned a Bead Shop on Main Street in Hyannis for years!! I spent most of my teenage years on Cape Cod! How Cool Is That!! There were also several young ladies visiting the shop who were very interested in my Scrappy Beads so we all got to work!
These two gals were extremely creative and were off the next day to spend time with their artist grandma who was going to spend several art days with them. Needless to say , we all had a blast!!
Here is another shot of all of the treasures to be found at this wonderfully inspirational, "Must See" artists Mecca nestled in the Beautiful country of Saluda, N.C.! When visiting this part of the world , be sure to stay at Cabin Fever Cabins and say "Heh" to Lon andLeslie!!


random notes said...

Elizabeth, dear Elizabeth, Aren't you sweet to mention Random Arts in your blog!?!?!!! Thank you so much for all that YOU did to inspire us with your felted beads. One day I will try and catch on to those techniques. You are a joy, please come back - we'll have a party! And by the way, your blog is great & I will be sure to pass it on to other like minded artists.Jane

Joyce Berger said...

and Jane did - love your blog and what wonderful pictures you captured while in Random Arts. Come play again, Joyce

Marilyn Rock said...

Great pictures Elizabeth; thanks for sharing so much here.


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