Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Art for OUR House

Lately I have been creating lots of art, but none of it is to be seen around our house. I have been creating for trades and swaps or for sale or for gifts for friends. Recently it has become increasingly difficult to part with certain pieces as I am really beginning to like my own work. i know that it may sound strange but certain pieces are really starting to speak to me- I guess that I am finally starting to tap into my "Muse".
So I have made two new pieces that along with some favorite pieces from friends , will become the center pieces of our new art wall in our family room. The framed prints that we have had since college days have got to go!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love Ansel Adams's work but I am tired of these prints. It has taken a long time to get to this point because they fill a very large space. I am going to fill the space with a grouping of pieces rather than one big piece. Don't know what It has taken me so long to "Collage In" this big space; sometimes my "Ah Ha "moments are few and far between!!!
I seem to be having problems with Blogger as the program will not let me upload photos in the correct orientation. It keeps insiting that the photo be loaded on it's head!! ARGHHH!! So for now, I will just show you the floral piece and save the collage piece for another time.

This is a collection of my flower photos from my stationary selection (on sale in my Etsy shop) that i have placed in a neat collage frame . All of the prints are 4 x 6 so the whole piece becomes quite large.

Does anyone else have this problem with uplaoding photos??? Anyone have any hints???????


Laura Krasinski said...

These are beautifu!!! And I'm lucky enough to have one...

Belinda said...

Hi Elizabeth, as I catch up on all my blog reading I realise how much great work I've missed. I'm always glad to hear when people make art for them selves, it is something I seldom do. The flowers are beautiful. Belinda

katelnorth said...

I don't think it sounds odd at all - I have also found it very hard to give certain things away, particularly lately, even when I know from the outset they are going to a home elsewhere... I should take a leaf out of your book and make some things for myself!

Dot said...

I understand totally Elizabeth! It is a good sign that you want to keep some of your own art. And so you should, it is gorgeous!

What a great idea to frame your flower photo's like this. They look lovely :)


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