Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Creations Ready To Ship!

Sorry for the long period between posts but I have just returned from a wonderful Art Adventure to Southern New Hampshire!!! I had an amazing visit with NEW/OLD Friends and I will be doing a very long post with lots of great pictures very soon!

For now I have returned home to find a check for goods that I have created for a wonderful little Shop in Flat Rock, North Carolina. The name of the shop is Bessie's Cattage and I made this contact when we were in N.C. on our summer vacation. Katherine, the owner ,was very taken with my new Denim Collage Handbags and my Scrappy Bead jewelry and proposed that she buy a selection outright!! Whooo Hoooo!!!!

Here are some pictures!
First, the jewelry! These necklaces are very similar to the ones that you have already seen. The beads between the scrappy beads are made with fabric /paper and then laquer coated.
And the earrings!

This is the first time that I have displayed my Denim Collage purses. Each is totally unique and created from a pair or portion of a pair of worn jeans. I have collaged each with paint, painted paper towels, book text, sheet music, tissue papers and decortative napkins. Each has been treated with three top coats of gel medium and three coates of protective Matte finish sealer. The final purse has the feel of soft leather and is a feast for the eyes and totally functional with pockets inside and out!!
Here is the first bag!!

Now, a detail shot.

And the second bag.

And some detail shots!

Now I must fly off to the Post Office to get these items in the mail!!

I will be back soon with details and pictures and the story behind my great art adventure in N.H.!


Marilyn Rock said...

These are all gorgeous pieces Elizabeth. I'm so happy for all of your success!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

As always-your creations are fabulous!!
chris p

Mo said...

Awesome awesome AWESOME!!! Congrats and keep creating. Love you much! ~ Mo

Dot said...

I am so, so happy for you Elizabeth! You create such beautiful things - I am sure lots of people will buy them. Your bags are stunning!

Thanks for the book recommendation by the way - have added it to my list (sounds like a great read).
Dot xx

random notes said...

Hi Elizabeth, a couple of my customers were up in New Hampshire at the art retreat. Did you meet Sharon?
She was in the purse class. Sounds like you had a great time.

Jacky said...

Elizabeth your bags are gorgeous!!! I am sure your new bags and jewellery are going to do well - very cool!

Jacky xox

artisbliss said...

Those bags are FABULOUS!!

barbara burkard said...

omgoodness!!! these bags ROCK!!! i saw your article in the haute handbags issue and wow...just lovely! that whole issue is amazing! kind of left it on the shelf on your page OPEN..casually on the shelf at B & N...then came back to it..."oh gee that is lovely"...he ehee..
(p.s. i tagged you on my blog...)

Gunnels blog said...

Your work are beautiful!

Ro Bruhn said...

Well done Elizabeth, thats wonderful to have someone
pay upfront, it's very rare over here, things are usually taken on consignment.
Your bags are fabulous, they don't even look like jeans, the colours and design are great and your fabric beads are beautiful too.


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