Friday, December 26, 2008

Some Christmas Images

We have had a very nice quiet Christmas this year. No one has been sick, we did not overdue anything, we cut back and simplified alot and we gave much more to those who have real, basic needs and it is all good!!! On Christmas Eve we had dinner with my husband's family and then came back home for the night and Christmas morning here at home. Despite a last dash on my part to finish up one last gift while Tom made the traditional cornmeal pancakes, everything was a big success!!
Here are a few more unusual images from our day.
We were asked to bring dessert to my mothir-in-laws, something simple. I was thinking cookies, Becca was thinking Snowman Cupcakes!!! I had never seen these before never mind made them, but she had discovered them in one of her cookbooks. So, not being one to stomp on creative whims, we made a list and got all of the ingredients. WE took the snowmen, under construction , as they would not have survived the trip intact. They were 4 tiers high when their hats were atop their heads!!

Here is Becca with her creations. These were not your last minute throw together quick dessert. They were sticky and messy to make but they turned out great and were the hit of the meal!! Becca did all of the faces and put the pieces together after Mom frosted them and rolled them in coconut.

The frowning snowman on the left is big brother and main target, Matthew!! At the table we had 5 kids, ages 22 to 12, with Becca being the youngest. Then there were three adult fathers who act like teenagers, so you can imagine that the dessert conversation and activity revolved around role playing with dismembered snowmen and then evolved into basketball with half full water glasses and See's Candy Chocolate balls. There was not a dry eye in the house and we all had stomach aches from all of the silliness- you have to admit that laughter and silliness are some of the very best gifts to give and to recieve!!!
Next ,I have a picture of my small grapevine tree that I decorate with special ornaments made by other artists, that I have recieved in swaps. I made this tree 20 years ago on a mountainside in New Hampshire at the home of my wonderful friends, the Joneses. Their daughter Rebecca and I are as close as sisters and she is my Rebecca's godmother and namesake. She and I gathered the grapevine and wrapped it and wove it into and around a chicken wire base. This tree is tough!!! This little tree has survived 18 moves around the country and only this year did I have to staple the tree back onto it's base! I LOVE this little tree!!
Some of the ornaments are a bit big for it but that does not matter. They were each made for me, so this is where they belong. Next year I am going to have to get another tree, perhaps make another one ,as this one cannot bear another decoration. This tree sits in the entry way so all can see it!
Here is a shot of my 'LITTLE GIRL" -not so much, drifting off to sleep during the traditional reading of the Christmas Stories after dinner at Grandma's house. The Stories include: The Grinch, The Night Before Christmas , and from the Bible; Luke.
One would have thought that with all of the sugar from Snowman cupcakes , she would have been bug eyed- not so much!!She will always be this Mom's baby girl!!!
And now for Buddy, the Wonder Dog!! Buddy thinks that he is a German Shepard of the largest size and has the attitude to prove it! He is king of the house yet loves to snuggle and runs for cover if you raise your voice. He is a piece of work and a constant source of enjoyment! For Christmas we recieved a special gift because of Mr. Attitude.
Here he is sitting in the chair gazing out the front window to be sure that no one steps into his yard!!!! Can't you just hear him yelling, "You kids stay off of MY LAWN!!!!" The sign is just a riot!!!
This morning he was following the sun as it moved across the back of the house. He went from sunspot to sunspot dragging his new Bungey Dog toy behind him.

What would we do without our wonderful pet friends?????
I will be back soon with some new art to share. In the meantime, I am working very hard to reorder and reorganize my work space.


Sharon said...

I love the snowmen, what fun. Your daughter is beautiful. Now wonder dog is a character like my Teddy. I shall be posting photos in a few minutes. We had to put a colored sweater on him so we could find him in the snow. LOL We have well over 2 feet here in the foothills and it is still snowing. So Christmas was very quiet as we could not get out. But beautiful. I love your grapevine tree. What a treasure. Sharon

Marilyn Rock said...

Terrific pictures here Elizabeth! Happy you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

What a wonderful holiday!!! Happy New Year, too!!

Robin said...

You seem to have overcome the dark side of Christmas, thanks in part to the snowman giggles... It made me chortle out loud just to read this account. I loved your account and pictures because there's so much love apparent... it glows! Thank you!

Jacky said...

Those snowmen are the cutest!!!

Sounds like a FUN time at your Christmas table Elizabeth! So glad you all had a wonderful family Christmas.

Jacky xox

p.s. love that little doggie and your beautiful grapevine Christmas tree...what a lovely story.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Yammie ( think that's not how one writes this?) snowman..want
Our dogs are not thrilled with the snow, but it will be here till at least February so they will have to get used to it!

Beth M said...

Love the snowmen! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! Your bird assembleges are great.

Belinda said...

Hi Elizabeth what a great idea for your little Christmas tree, its really cute. Love the little snow men you and becca made, bet they were yummy. Elizabeth you won an art doll on my blog so could you email me with your address please. Belinda


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