Thursday, January 1, 2009

Felting Frenzy on the First

Here it is, as promised, Becca's second needle felted friend, the rabbit! Didn't she do a fabulous job!! Becca is very intrigued by several of the comments that were left asking when she was going to open an Etsy site!! She is going to keep practicing and then we might just give it a try!! htank you for all of the wonderful comments that you have left for her! You have put a big "Yes I Can" smile on her face!!!!!!
I may have to ask if I can have him- I just love him!! I have always loved rabbits and I collect them. I have rabbits on my Christmas tree, rabbit statues in my garden and a beautiful rabbit porcelain mirror that my husband gave me before we got married. My rabbits have to be a certain kind of rabbit though, I don't like the super cutesy ones, unless they are vintage! As a child I loved Beatrix Potter books with all of her marvelous illustrations. That reminds me, have you seen the movie, Miss Potter?? I highly reccomend it ! Rene Zellwiger stars as Beatrix and she is fabulous!! Even my husband likes the movie so that takes it out of the Chick Flick category!! It is really a must see!
I think that she is planning on making an owl next!
I have been finishing up some felting projects as well. I have made three pincushions to sell at Liberty Town in fFredericksburg. I love functional art and I think that these might really appeal to either seamstresses or jewelry wearers.
I am using one in my bedroom for holding my hook style earrings. The wool is easily pierced by the hooks and earrings are kept neat and tidy ( I can hear my mother snickering here as I am not the most neat and tidy person) and the jewelry adorns the cushion as well!
Here is another:
This one has one of my scrappy beaded beads in the center.

This one was made from a Fair Isle sweater. All of them are made from wol pieces of clothing that I have picked up at Thrift stores.


Pat Winter said...

Becca is a natural at needle felting.Love her rabbit!
Your pin cushions will be hot sellers I'm sure!They look vintage, very nice.

Vicki W said...

She is good at needlefelting - that bunny is adorable! As are your pin cushions.

Judy said...

Once again: you've just dazzled me with your brilliance!


Anonymous said...

These are SO CUTE!! I'm totally getting the felting bug!

Sharon said...

Love that rabbit. Someone named Becca is very talented. I've just tagged you. Go to my blog for further instructions my dear. Sharon

Robin said...

I guess we're "rabbit sisters," Elizabeth! Did you read my post about rabbit as a totem animal, here? Please pass along my compliments to Becca! She did a fabulous job... and yes, I think it is good if she gives this sweet, first bunny to you! I also think she could do well with them on etsy if she wants to try.

I love your pincushion pins! Liberty Town will gobble them up.

Cheers, Robin A.

Jacky said...

Becca's needle felted rabbit is gorgeous AND to hear she might be making an owl next (they are my favourite)...I will definately be keeping an eye out for that one!

Love the pincushions from the recycled sweaters too...good luck with your sales.


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