Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Elizabeth's Pansie's"

You must consider this one of your big treats for the day!! This glorious painting was done by my good friend Ariel Freeman. Ariel is also my fabulous teacher who is holding my hand through the hurdles of painting watercolors. She is an outstanding teacher!!! You can see more of her wonderful work here! on her blog you can see an amazing stepped out process of a pastel that she has just finished. It is a stunning portarait of a buffalo- just magnificent!!!
Last Spring Ariel came over to my garden to take some pictures. This painting (done on clayboard) was done based on one of those pictures . Those are my pansies!!! I can only dream that my paintings will ever be anywhere near as amazing as Ariel's works. But we all must have dreams and goals to aim for!!!


ariel freeman said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth for your kind comments! It is a joy to read your blog each day and I am so thankful we have had the opportunity to become friends. Your enthusiasm and creativity are inspirations.

Judy said...

It's difficult to believe that that is a painting! How wonderful. I think that you will get there: you have the drive, determination, and also the wonderful gift of being so artistic. Oh, and yes: you have the enthusiasm too! LOL



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