Saturday, March 21, 2009

This and That

My husband Tom ahhasjust finished helping me get my Pear Collage piece framed and ready to submit to the Feast For the Eyes Art show at Liberty Town in April. I am calling it Fresh Picked. It is amazing what a frame can do for a piece- even a very simple frame like this!!
I am going to do more pieces like this with floral themes now that things are starting to emerge in the garden!! I am so inspired whrn the garden starts to bloom!!
Speaking fo the garden, I was out poking around yesterday to see who was emerging from their long winter's sleep. My crocus are glorious and fortunately we are having chilly nights so they are not dying back too quickly.

The violas that I planted last fall are really starting to put on the blossoms, as well. I just love their little smiling faces and their wonderful fragrance!!

While I was scrathcing around I found a piece of bark mulch with some adorable littl Birds Nest Fungus growing on it. I just love these little FunGuy with their little nests with eggs inside- at least they look like eggs to me!!
If you click on the picture to enlarge and look at the little cups near the tip of the piece of wood (upper right) you can see the egg shaped orbs inside!
I have many projects to finish up, so I hope to have more new art to share with you soon!
Enjoy your Spring weekend!!


peggy gatto said...

Love your pear!!!!!!
Also, thanks for the flowers!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your pears are lookin' good!

Patti G. said...

GORGEOUS pears my dear!!!!!!! Is there NOTHING you cannot do!? I think not!

Pat Winter said...

The FunGuy :-) is wonderful! A treasure of nature. Your crocus look beautiful. Mine are sparse this year, not sure why. I am anticipating a beautiful day in the garden today...I'll be thinking of you.

Pat Winter said...

Fresh picked is such an appropriate name. It looks very fresh, wonderful colors.Very talented!!!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth! Your Blog is always jam-packed with visual splendor! Your Fresh Picked is terrific with that frame! Love your garden flowers, your white flower painting project is marvelous - all of it!

Judy said...

I love how your pear collage turned out...the polka dotted table cloth is splendid! And your crocuses (croci?) are beautiful. Mine never bloom....what is their problem? Do you know?
Happy is raining here.



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