Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flowers and Fieldtrips

I have just finished these three cashmere posey pins. I will be putting them for sale in the gallery in Fredericksburg. they are made from thrift store found cashmere sweaters, with a touch of hand beading to glitz up the centers of each. I can see several of them pinned to a summer straw hat or a purse. I hope that they sell well for me- time will tell!

Last Friday Dh and I went on a fieldtrip to Richmond, VA. I have been wanting to check out a large Architectural Salvage store located in the industrial district, so off we went. We found the place and had fun poking about but they were very aware of what treasures they had and the prices were set accordingly!! It did not cost me anything to snap a few pictures!!

If we were looking for avintage entry way stained glass window, this was the place to shop!

If we were looking for old iron radiators we knew where to come!

If we were trying to match vintage light fixtures, this was the place!

Paint encrusted corbels and copper pieces were there as well.

Rusted stacks of iron hardware were piled in the yard.

I think that I will be able to make great use of these pictures when I get around to learning how to make transparencies in Photoshop and layer one over another.!!!

Here is the final shot of the finished Book cover collage that is being sent off to a friend as a birthday gift. It just wasn't finished till I added the beaded fringe!!

Everything benefits from a bit of bling!!! Don't you agree??


The Blue Plum Shop said...

Love the cashmere posies! I may have to try something like that.

Ali said...

I love your flowers! BEAUTIFUL! and that shop look amazing! I'd love an hour or 6 in there!x

Ali said...

btw love your book cover too!

Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth! Once again; your Blog is filled with wonderful eye candy! I ADORE your cashmere posies; gorgeous and they look so soft and spring-like. I don't think you'll have any problem selling them. Also; the salvage store! WOWSA! We have one, here, in Albany that is fantastic and I'm actually having fun, here, creating art on some old cabinet doors I purchased. I'm having a show, using them, in the Fall. I love the shots you got at the store; fantastic! Your finished book is beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing so much with us. Hugs, Marilyn

Talking Horses Arts said...

Of course the will sell Elizabeth the are just beautiful! Lovely pictures too! Thanks for sharing! Andrea.

LaY hOoN said...

The flowers is so beautiful !!
And so does the book cover.
Your friend sure enjoy to receive such wonderful gift.

Dot said...

Such a beautiful blog post Elizabeth - bursting with color and inspiration.

I love your cashmere posies and am sure they will sell well in the gallery.

And the Architectural Salvage store looks incredible! Love those windows (be still my beating heart).

And I am sure your friend will love the collage Elizabeth - you do such beautiful work!

Dot xx

Kayla coo said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I love your flowers!
It's great to create out of recycled materials.
Michala xx

Judy said...

Love, love LOVE that book cover....especially the beads and the dancing couple! You do such awesome work....and those cashmere flowers! I'd put snaps on the back and add them to t-shirts (t-shirts dyed by me, of course!)as a little bling! Loved the trip to the arch. salvage store. We used to have a really cool one in Atlanta, but it is now gone. So sad!


Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

I love the vintage stained glass window photo! It is far more magical than just having one of them for a home...The book cover is wonderful too...I couldn't make the Michele Obama video play but I'm sure she was wonderful! Camilla

The Governess said...

The posies are JUST GORGEOUS Elizabeth - I'm sure you'll have no probs seling them!!


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