Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have never met a button that I didn't like!!!

I LOVE BUTTONS!!!! All kinds of BUTTONS- the older the better, but really I have a thing for buttons!! I saw this idea in a magazine while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store the other day. The best part is I already had everything that I needed so this project even qualifys as a Stash Buster!!!!! All you need are shank buttons of your choice ( the ones with the post and hole attached to the back of the button), jump rings (on the large side to accomodate shanks), a pair of Pliers and a charm bracelet blank- available at any craft store. It took me two hours last night to put together both of these bracelets. The hardest part was deciding on what buttons to include!!!
( If anyone has a stash of buttons that they would like to get rid of , let me know and we can make arrangments! OR, if you have some buttons that you would like me to add to and make a bracelet for you to wear, we can work that out as welll!!)
Now without further ado!!

These are all brass, many vintage, some new!

These are all silver or pewter, again some vintage and some newer!! They are such fun to wear and make such a lovely jingling sound!!!

the other day, my dear friend pattib. sent me some old zinc canning jar lids to play with!! i had seen some pincushions that she had created using these lids and I whipped one up using a piece of a fulled sweater and an old BUTTON!!! Thank you so much for sending the lids, patti!!!

Then I must tell you that I have been remiss in posting pictures of some of my fabulous mail box decor!! You may remember that I had made some ocean themed charms for a dear friend, as she was gathering charms for an ocean themed charm necklace. In return, she sent me some of her fabulously yummy hand dyed silk ribbons!

Aren't they simply glorious???!!!She also snuck in a wonderful little doll that she calls her Inner Child Doll!! This darling little girl is filled with dried Lavendar buds and has the most adorable little green shoes!! I just love her!! Thank you so very much, Pat.

I am going to start working on some ribbon work embroidery soon! It will be the perfect portable project to take along on trips!! Pat does amazing Crazy Quilt work and also loves to garden and you can see all of her glorious work here!

I am off to the garden to divide some primroses and plant some pansies!! We have glorious sunshine on this day after Earth Day!! Please consider contacting you Senators and Congress people to urge them to support all Green Energy legislation and Global Warming Intitiatives- we only have one Earth and WE MUST treat here with the love and respect she deserves!! How about having Earth Day be EVERY day!!!!


Beena said...

I love the bracelets from the buttons. They are gorgeous!

Ali said...

me too! totally fab work!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I'm a button-lover too so thoroughly enjoyed this post!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Your button bracelets are waaaay cool!

Judy said...

I love, love, love buttons AND ALSO bracelets that make a certain amount of noise to call attention!

You have more energy than any one person should be allowed! LOL


Marilyn Rock said...

Buttons, ribbons, and dolls oh my! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Winter said...

Elizabeth, I am loving my charms, and am pleased you liked the ribbons and Inner Child. The plant you shared with me arrived yesterday while I was teaching a CQ class. It topped off a great day for me. I am off to plant it right now as the ground is wet from rain to give it a good start. It is a wonderful addition to my friendship garden. I appreciate it so much. (Mom said it is bad luck to say thank you for a plant) so, I really really appreciate it :-)
Hugs,Pat....smiling on the way to the garden to get dirt under her nails.

Dot said...

I am a big button fan too Elizabeth. And love the button bracelets you have made (I want to eat them!).
Pat's doll is gorgeous and those ribbons made me drool!


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