Thursday, May 21, 2009

Etsy Shop Reopened!

You may have noticed that I have had an empty Etsy Shop . I have been working on new items for restocking the shop and then had issues with finding time to take pictures and upload images etc. It should be quick and easy and a snap to do but the kicker is that it takes T-I-M-E. IT really takes alot of TIME to do all of this and quite a bit of it at that!!! I have also discoverd that I cannot change my user name which is also the name of my old shop. So Elizajean it remains. I am only selling items created by my own hands now. My mother has decided to pursue other artistic outlets for her fiber work.

I have just added a brand new set of Floral Stationary to the shop. It is a package of 5 note cards each with an original photograph taken by moi. This set is made up of images of Viola's (pansies) Violets and Lilly Of The Valley. I wish that you could smell the flowers, but PC tech shaven't figured out smell-a-vision yet, and perhaps that is a good thing!!!!! You can see details and more pictures of this stationary set here! I will be uploading many more items to my shop over the coming weekend!


Beena said...

The stationary is so beautiful! Nice job. And "smell-a-vision"? That's hilarious! Someday they probably will have the technology for that!

Trina said...

Lovely, lovely images. You have such a way with the camera!

Debrina said...

Love the stationary Elizabeth! I'm off to go and have a perve at your shop! I need some more notecards. Love keeping up to date with your blog; you're so inspiring!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful offering Elizabeth. Happy weekend!


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