Friday, May 8, 2009


With all of the wonderful , mostly soaking rain we have had lately, the garden has been exploding with color. I am so grateful for the rain but have to remind myself that we no longer lve in the Pacific Northwest!!! Yesterday between showerrs and downpours, we did see peeks of the sun. As I was filling a bird feeder, a movement out in the yard caught my eye. Then I saw a flash of color and realized that the movement was coming from the area near the bird house at the edge of the property. Three years ago when we first moved here , we mounted a Blue Bird house on a tree. We have had tenants- house wrens, but tenants non the less. Well ,this year it seems that a pair of EASTERN BLUEBIRD signed the lease before the wrens could get their act together!!! I am so excited!! The nest building has begun!!!!
These are just the first pictures that you will see , as I rushed to get my camera. I intend to get better shots from a closer range! The tree backs up on our property line and the neighbors have a large field behind us that is usually planted as a garden, perfect habitat for Blue Birds as they eat insects, primarily.
The intensity of the Blue of the male birds pluummage is quite startling- the color almost glows!!
then last nightas I was out with the dogs I noticed a big marmalade cat sitting on the cross piece of the gate!!! Well, I made sure tht the cat knew that he was not welcome and now I am determined to find a way to keep him away from that nest box. I have found several things that will act as deterants , along with the dogs. Apparently cats do not like citrus peelings- must be the oils and I am going to tack lemon peels up on the gate and along the fence. i don't dislike cats but when they use our yard as a killing field I get quite upset! Why is it that poeples cats are free to wander and use neighbors gardens as litter boxes and feeding grounds? Dogs do not have these priveledges!!
You can expect lots of Blue Bird Updates and now I have some more photos of garden activities to share with you!

I am absolutely thrilled that this Cardenal Kiss came out so well!! Actually he is feeding her shelled seed!!! AWWWWWWWWWW!!!

I love this one as I managed somehow to capture him on his back!!!!

And then he seemed to look at me to say, "Are you watching me?!?!?!"

Now I would like to wish all of the mother's out there, be you mother's of children, pets, plants, or if you are mothering along wonderful works of art or good works for others in your life- A very Happy Mother's Day!! Just think where this world would be without us!!!! We all rock!!!!!


Vicki W said...

Those are terrific photos! I love watching the Cardinals feed each other but I've never been able to actually get the photo! That last photo is beautiful too. I'd love to do a color palette from it.

Carol said...

In Cardinal talk, feeding the female is their courtship. Great Pic.

I don't know if you have researched Bluebirds, but if not PLEASE do. The bluebirds next early. Then the English Sparrows and Wrens take a turn. Their big deal is to find a Blue Bird house with eggs and actually break them and throw them out of the house and take over.

A few years ago, we attracted a pair of Blue Birds. We found their eggs outside the house on the ground. After research, we tried putting another house up which was supposed to keep the other birds occupied and leave our Blues along.

They had a brood that hatched and were almost ready to venture out. I didn't see the parents for a day or two so I began to investigate and found them dead in the grass by the house. My mentor told me they probably had a fight with wrens trying to steal the nest. How heartbroken we were.

We decided not to try to attact the Blues anymore and let the others enjoy the houses.

Anonymous said...

Happy happy mother's day!

Pat Winter said...

How adorable the Cardinal kiss is!!! I saw my first Indigo Bunting the other day. I can't help but stare in wonder at that intense beautiful color.
Lovely bouquet,

Trina said...

Elizabeth, your photos are awesome! The color and clarity are remarkable! Thanks for sharing your world (and do look out for those bluebirds ... I read the post about the wrens coming in ... that breaks my heart!)

Debrina said...

Oh wow! Fantastic photos Elizabeth!! How stunning these birds are. We have some beauties here in New Zealand, but nothing quite like these.

This post has been particularly inspiring!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth! WOW! Nature at its best! Beautiful shots here. We have a robin's nest, in a tree, outside our living room window and it's such fun to watch them. Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Marilyn

Debrina said...

Our birds are rather plain in plumage on the whole. But yes, they are amazing here in NZ - what ones we haven't put onto the endangered species or extinction list.

Hey, thanks for the praise re Goth and Embroidery atcs. I hear you with the goth stuff - I'm an old school fan (80's) when it was harmless fun and not Emo! Oh, and your embroidery is amazing - so a compliment coming from you is always cherished!

Chris said...

Happy Mother's Day :)

Judy said...

VERY belated Happy Mom's Day to you Dear Heart!!:-)

We are birders (you know that), we have a cat (you may not know that), and we maintain a large number of feeders. Our cat is a great rodenter (she has just walked past my feet as I write this) and I love her for the fact that she keeps down the rodents that would otherwise wreak havoc on our home and gardens. I know that they are also great birders and I hate that, but I am so glad that you are keeping your bluebirds safe from the neighbor's cat!

I was always of the understanding that the male cardinal was feeding an immature cardinal, not a female. Hmmmmmm!

Lovely pics!!!!



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