Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring Orchestral Fiddlers!!

My two most exquisite creations had their Spring Concert last Thursday evening. Becca is 12 and in the 6Th grade. This is her first year of playing a cello and she has really taken to it. She runs off to her room every evening to practice after picking out her assignment on the piano. She is First Cello in her Middle School Orchestra, and that means that we get a great view of her while she plays!! She has a wonderful natural ear for music.

Matthew is 17 and will be a Senior next year. He said that perhaps he would not take Orchestra next year but his parents quickly changed that notion.!! Both kids have benefited tremendously by playing an instrument and if I had my way every child would have the opportunity to have lessons, it is amazing how it feeds the brain!!!Matthew started playing the violin when he was in the fourth grade and it has been wonderful for him! He is one of several first violins in the Chamber Sinfonia and is given very challenging pieces to play. Their big piece for the other night was Mozart's 25Th Symphony and they did a marvelous job! It is also the only time that I get to see my kid in a tux!!!Blogger is behaving very badly for me lately!!!! I am not able to close taht big space within my post as I normally would. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT fun!!!! Is anyone else having problems dragging photos around while you are composing your posts???? My husband has just updated our browser to Internet Explorer 7 and we are thinking that this might be the problem. We have posted to blogger help - no response. Do any of you have any thoughts or similar experiences that might shed some light on this issue??????


Marilyn Rock said...

Elizabeth. Beautiful children you have! But; it's no surprise. They are are our greatest creations aren't they? :) I, too, have difficulty with Blogger on occasion. I just don't get the margins and things sometimes go off in different directions. Sorry; I can't help with that. Have great day! xxoo

Beena said...

I can honestly say I have no musical talent whatsoever. But because of that, I appreciate that gift in other people that much more. And I completely agree that it feeds the brains of young persons, and can continue to enrich a person's entire life. Your "fiddlers" are too cute! My own teenage son is the musician in my family, and currently plays guitar.

No new problems with blogger, just the same old ones. I can't get the photos to appear anywhere but the beginning of my posts. It's a pain in the neck. One of the blogs I visit, had a weird tiny pagan star picture in her post that she said she didn't know how it got there or how to get rid of it. These technical things sure can be quirky.


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