Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Glories- A Quick Post

I have just spent a wonderful weekend In a fabulous workshop with the amazing Laura Cater-Woods at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria!! Today I spent the day cleaning and prepping for a family visit on the 1st. My brother and his wonderful family of beautiful women will be in for a quick visit on home leave from Tanzania. I washed couch slipcovers, washed dog snot off of windows and am vaccuming out corners and dusting out crevices- not just your ordinary surface stuff- relax ----it does NOT happen often.
SOOOOOOO this is a long way of saying that this will be a quick post and a stroll thru the space that is my garden. I will be back in a day or two with details on the LCW Workshop, complete with pictures!!
as you can see my day lilies are coming into their glory!! these are no ordinary ditch lilies!! These are radiant and fragrant jewels. Anyone up for some divisions??? They are growing into huge clumps and need some serious thinning out this fall. They ship very well and love to be planted in the fall. Let me Know!!!
This stunning pink beauty is called Flutterby. there must be at least 15 buds per stem!!

The ruffled edges on these lilies is called pie crust, as the edges resemble the edges of pie crusts. This pink one is called joylene Nicole and is one of my favorites!!!! I have her sprinkled all over the garden!!

The hydrangea's are also stunning this year! theyare reveling in all of the reaint aht we have had and I am loving all of the colors in each blossom head!!!!

The garden welcomes visitors as you come down the drive and the SHasta daisies are starting to open. I expect a deluge of butterflies soon!!
I will be back soon with a posting all about the creative workshop but for now I hope that you have all enjoyed this little peek into my garden!!
Off to bed, I am tired- Man do I hate to clean, it just wears me out!! Art is sooooo much more fun, wether in the garden, on paper or fabric!!


ariel freeman said...

Your garden is so beautiful. Happy Cleaning, ARghhh!

Beena said...

Pretty posies.

I keep meaning to do one of these big clean up jobs where I clear out all the nooks and crannies...but it just doesn't happen. It's a good thing I never have any company!!!! LOL I'd be mortified if someone saw how far behind I fall in my chores!!!! Maybe that's why most of my socializing is through blogging!

Enjoy your family, your guests!

Looking forward to the post about LCW.

Marilyn Rock said...

Master gardener! Beautiful. Enjoy your family visit xxoo

Anonymous said...

Ooohs and aaahs from a new follower -- how did you get your hydrangeas to bloom so beautifully? Most years I don't even get one flower. In spite of the same amount of rain here in south Jersesy, still no flowers. I'd love to read more and see an enlargement of the "Friendship Swap". Is there a post about that?

Martha Lever said...

Your garden is beautiful!! Yes, I have seen DJ's work and love it!!! Can you see the influence?? The book is 6 pieces of painted fabric---and I actually think it could have gone through more!

Sharon said...

Your garden is lovely. I look forward to your post about Laura. I have her workbooks. Someday hope to take a class from her. Sharon

Pat Winter said...

Loved the garden tour. My daylilies are getting ready for a show! Can't wait! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for such sweet comments.
Enjoy your company.

Debrina said...

I love your hydrangeas!

Dot said...

I would love to come and frolic in your garden. Love these photo's!
Dot xx


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