Thursday, August 13, 2009

August in the Garden!

August is the time of year that the tomatoes really roll in and the flowers are at their finest, Annual varieties that is. Yes, my beloved daylilies have past but the zinnias and the phlox and the Cosmos and the Brown Eyed Susans add real zing to the garden. The roses are getting ready for a bumper fall bloom and the marigolds are looking brilliant!! The visitors are everywhere and many of them seem to be extra patient this year. I spent about 20 minutes outside the other morning trying to get my camera to cooperate with the movements of this enormous dragonfly. I spied him thru our front door sitting at the very tip of a spent Hosta Blossom stalk, his wings spread glistening in the morning sun. He was gloriously handsome!! I grabbed my camera and quietly let myself out the door. After about 5 minutes of frustration with my camera, the dragonfly took off and did several loop the loops in the air and settled back down on the exact spot where he had been.This happened several more times and I managed to take 20 or so pictures at different focus points!! It was truely miraculous! It was almost as if he had descided that I was not going to hurt him so he might as well hang around for a bit till he sensed that I didn't need him anymore. (He was enjoying his sunbathe!) If you click ont he picture you can see every detail of his beautiful wings!!!!!

Yesterday I picked this bouquet for the dinner table and ran back outside carrying three baby Praying Mantis that had come along for the ride!! As tiny as they were, they reared up on their back legs and seemed to hiss at me- too cute!!!

This is a brand new variety of Cosmos that I discovered this year! it is very frilly and almost looks like a dahlia. I think that I prefer the original simple Cosmos or the Seashell variety better than this one but it is fun to try out different varieties. The hummers and butterflies seem to like both equally!

As for the tomatoes, this is my first of three trips that I took to my 6 plants this morning!!!! I am eating pints of cherry tomatoes this year and loving every one of them!! I do so wish that my kids would get over their dislike of tomatoes!!!! The yellow toms are as sweet as candy- theya re the favorite of this years crop. As you can probably guess I have several batches of sauce ahead of me and I will probably give in the simply blanche, squeeze and freeze alot of them!!

This reminds me that I must make a date with DH to go see the Julia Child movie with Meryl Streep!! Has anyone seen it yet??? DO TELL!!!!


Jacky said...

your garden looks amazing elizabeth...wish i was there to share some of those home grown tomatoes....they look scrummy.
love the photos of the dragonfly too. how lucky were you to be able to take those photos. (excuse lack of capitals... keyboard playing up!

jacky xox

Michelle said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful pictures Elizabeth. OMG! That dragonfly; amazing shot! Your flowers are lovely - breathtaking pics! xxoo

Lisa said...

lovely garden photo's...I can't believe it's coming to a close soon!love your story about the praying mantis :)

Beena said...

Beautiful blooms, beautiful pics!

Pat Winter said...

Love your new header. How pretty are those! Beautiful garden!The dragonfly is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Your photos are beautiful. I want to see that movie too,it looks like fun. Sharon

Judy said...

You must spend hours in your garden paradise....your flowers are so gorgeous. Oh how I wish we lived closer. I too adore tomatoes and enjoy my morning walk through the garden, nibbling my grape toms as I go.
I haven't seen J&J yet, but hope to soon. I've heard great reviews!


Judy said...

forgot to mention that I love your new header!

we're off to Squam Lake this morning. I'll wave as we fly over, so we watching for me!

Debrina said...

Oooo that Cosmos variety there is to die for. I must get me some. Your photos are stunning Elizabeth and thanks for stopping on by my blog!

Anna said...

I absolutely love your new cover photo. All those colors and possiblities! :)

yvonne said...

I love your garden. I also love to take photos of my garden and all the gardens I visit. Try to catch butterflies and hummingbirds etc. Love your dragonfly photo.


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